Tuesday, May 21, 2019

My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding

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Synopsis (from Amazon):  A wedding dress passed down through generations unravels the tangled threads of three women's lives in a novel of friendship, family, and forgiveness from the USA Today bestselling author of Ten Beach Road.
Prized and stored away for safekeeping, the timeless ivory wedding dress, with its scooped neck and cleverly fitted bodice, sits gently folded in its box, whispering of Happily Ever Afters. To Kendra, Brianna, and Lauren it’s a reminder of what could have been, the promise of a fairy tale, and a friendship torn apart. But as Kendra knows firsthand: it wasn’t the dress’s fault.
Once closer than sisters, Lauren and Bree have grown up and grown apart, allowing broken promises and unfulfilled dreams to destroy their friendship. A successful author, Lauren returns home to the Outer Banks, fiancĂ© in tow, to claim the dress she never thought she’d wear. While Bree, a bookstore owner, grapples with the realities of life after you marry the handsome prince. As the former best friends wrestle with their uncertain futures, they are both certain of one thing: some betrayals can never be forgiven. 
Now on the eve of her daughter Lauren’s wedding, Kendra struggles with a secret she’s kept for far too long. And vows to make sure the dress will finally bring Lauren and Bree back together—knowing they'll need each other to survive the coming storm.

One (or more) Sentence Summary: For the past three years I have started summer out with a Wendy Wax book.  This year, it is not from the Ten Beach Road series, but Wendy did take me on a trip to the Outer Banks. Two very best of friends have a falling out over broken promises when they finished college.  As time pasted the wedge between Lauren and Bree grows wider.  

Lauren is about to get married and brings her husband-to-be home to meet her mother.  Her mother is still "like a mother" to Bree, so Lauren and Bree will have to see each other.  Bree is married to Lauren's ex boyfriend and it is not a good marriage.  Lauren and Bree are both hiding secrets and it all comes to head on Lauren's visit. They are not the only ones that are hiding secrets.  Lauren's mom and Bree's husband have a few of their own.  

How will it end? I can't tell you and spoil it.  It is worth reading to find out.  I will give you some hints, Bree's daughter goes missing, a hurricane hits, and a lot is exposed.  I was expecting my summer beach read from Wendy, which My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding is not a "beach" read for me, it is a really good book.  I will have to pick up Ten Beach Road to get my "beach" read on.  I am not complaining as it is on my list of must reads!

Would I Read Other Books by the Author: I have read a lot of Wendy Wax books and enjoyed them all.  I would really like to read A Week at the Lake and While We Were Watching Downton Abbey (and the rest of the Ten Beach series). You can find my other Wendy Wax reviews by clicking on the title: Best Beach Ever,  One Good Thing, and Sunshine Beach. 

Wendy Wax, a former broadcaster, is the author of fifteen novels and two novellas, including Best Beach EverOne Good ThingSunshine BeachA Week at the LakeWhile We Were Watching Downton AbbeyThe House on Mermaid PointOcean Beach, and Ten Beach Road. The mother of two grown sons, she left the suburbs of Atlanta for an in town high-rise where she and her husband are happily downsized.


Friday, May 17, 2019

Winter Frost + Giveaway

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Synopsis (from Amazon):  It all started with a chance encounter in the city with Blair, his late wife.

Chris Matheson and the Geezer Squad, working under the guise of a book club, dig into the events surrounding his late wife’s supposed death halfway around the globe. A state department employee shoots himself in the back three times. A CIA operative goes missing. A woman is targeted by an international assassin three years after being declared dead in a terrorist attack overseas. 

Nothing is as it seems. 

In his most personal cold case, Chris fights to uncover why the state department told him that Blair, the mother of his children, had been killed when she was alive. What had she uncovered that has made her a target? Who terrified her so much that she had gone into hiding and why are they now after him?

One (or more) Sentence Summary: I really enjoyed book 1 of the series (A Chris Matheson Cold Case Mystery), Ice, and was excited to review book 2, Winter Frost.  I love the characters (the Geezer Club is the best) and the crazy animals!  Winter Frost starts out with a super twist. On the street, Chris runs into his wife....his dead wife.  The crazy just takes off. So what really happened? How can Blair be alive? What does Chris do now? How does he tell his daughters? How will the Geezer Club solve this mystery?  I can't answer all the  "how" questions (no spoiler alerts from me), but I can tell you, you won't be disappointed.  I love how characters from other series and woven into Winter Frost.  

I listened to the audio version of Winter Frost from Audible.  It was super engaging, couldn't wait to put my headphones back on and be drawn into Chris' crazy world.  The narrator, Mike Alger, has narrated other books of Lauren and I love his different voices for all the characters.  I have no idea how he keeps them straight.  I have to be honest, I listen to audio books at 2x to 2.5x speed because I can't get enough and anything slower and my mind can wonder.  I do love Audiobooks and Audible!  If you haven't tried an audiobook, Winter Frost (or Ice) would be a great one to start with and if you need to speed it up, do so it.  It is all about enjoying the story by a great story teller.

Prizes: Win a $50 Amazon.com gift card (open to wherever Amazon.com delivers). Ends July 6th

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Would I Read Other Books by the Author: I really enjoyed book 1 of A Chris Matheson Cold Case Mystery, Ice. and Murder by Perfection.  I am looking forward to reading other books by Lauren.

Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, and Thorny Rose Mysteries—over twenty titles across three fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns! Now, Lauren has added one more hit series to her list with the Chris Matheson Cold Case Mysteries. Set in the quaint West Virginia town of Harpers Ferry, Ice introduces Chris Matheson, a retired FBI agent, who joins forces with other law enforcement retirees to heat up those cold cases that keep them up at night. Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr’s seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, crime fiction, police procedurals, romance, and humor. Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. She lives with her husband, and three dogs, including the real Sterling, on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with the author: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  Instagram

Buy Winter Frost:
​Amazon ~ Audible
Add to Goodreads


Thursday, May 16, 2019

In the Swim of Things + Giveaway

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Synopsis:  A sexy, sun-soaked tale about a tail-wearing girl who makes a lot of waves—perfect for fans of Lauren Layne, Meghan Quinn, and Christina Lauren.

Ocean-loving Kyra Goodwin had to give up her dream of becoming the female Jacques Cousteau in order to take care of her father and brother, but being a mermaid at the Cape Cod Aquarium is pretty fintastic as far as alternative careers go.

Of course, life as a half-fish/half-woman isn’t all sunken treasure and Ariel twirls. Kyra has to deal with perpetually pruney fingers, eyes irritated by saltwater, and bratty kids on the daily, plus her glam alter ego can make dating really weird. (So many men have pervy siren-of-the-sea fantasies!) When she meets hunky surfer Cade, and he’s into her without knowing what she does for a living, Kyra thinks she’s finally won the romance lottery.

Unfortunately, Kyra’s plans for a carefree summer of catching waves with her new boyfriend run aground when Sea Star Beach, a place that holds great sentimental value for her, is taken over by a big-city developer who wants to build an exclusive resort. Kyra’s crusade to save her beloved beach threatens both her job and her relationship with Cade as does her growing closeness with her irresistibly broody merwrangler, Declan, whose precocious daughter is intent on playing matchmaker.

When a new family drama arises just as Kyra receives an offer that would turn her greatest desire into reality, she’s torn. Will she do what’s expected of her, or dive in and follow her heart?

Purchase a copy of In the Swim of Thingsduring the Release Blitz (May 15th - May 31st, 2019) and you could win an incredible prize pack inspired by the book’s mermaid heroine and its beachy setting in Cape Cod. People who purchased In the Swim of Thingsduring the pre-order period are also eligible for the giveaway!

This prize pack includes:

You’ve Mermaid My Day Pedestal Candle Holder

3-Wick Salted Ocean Air Candle

Mermaid Squad Gift Set, inc. Travel-Sized At The Beach Ultra Shea Body Cream & Shower Gel & Beautiful Day PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

Mermaid Stemless Wine Glass with Inscription “It’s Okay to Drink 
Like a Fish If You’re a Mermaid”

Mermaid Tribe Sea Glass Necklace by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry (seafoam-colored 
sea glass on 18” sterling silver chain)

Mermaid Key Chain/Purse Charm (
antique gold mermaid pendant with 
stunning beads and a sassy tassel)

Bath & Body Works Shea-Infused Mermaid Socks

Mermaids in Paradise: An Artist’s Coloring Book

Crayola Colored Pencils (36 premium quality pencils)

To enter this giveaway, e-mail Tracie Banister at traciebanister@gmail.comwith your proof of purchase. Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM Eastern US time on Friday, May 31stwhen a winner will be selected via random drawing. This is an international giveaway, so anyone who buys In the Swim of Things within the allotted time frame is eligible to win. Good luck!

An avid reader and writer, Tracie Banister has been scribbling stories since she was a child, most of them featuring feisty heroines with complicated love lives like her favorite fictional protagonist Scarlett O'Hara. Her work was first seen on the stage of her elementary school, where her 4thgrade class performed an original holiday play she penned. (Like all good divas-in-the-making, she also starred in and tried to direct the production.)

Tracie’s dreams of authorial success were put on the backburner when she reached adulthood and discovered that she needed a "real" job in order to pay her bills. Her career as personal assistant to a local entrepreneur lasted for 12 years. When it ended, she decided to follow her bliss and dedicate herself to writing full-time. She is the proud winner of the 2017 Independent Press Award (Romantic Comedy) and a Bronze Medal in the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Awards (Chick Lit).
In the Swim of Things is Tracie’s sixth novel and thanks to this book, she can now check another occupation off her fantasy list. She has no doubt that writing about a mermaid is much easier than actually being one!

Author Newsletter – The Banister Buzz  http://eepurl.com/by0VAv


Friday, May 10, 2019

Whisked Away (MUST READ!)

~ I received no compensation and opinions are 100% my own or my family. ~

Synopsis (from Amazon):  From best-selling author Melanie Summers comes an irresistibly romantic, delightfully funny tale of love, passion, books, and food…

At twenty-seven years old, Emma Banks has big plans for her life. After graduating from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, she's ready to take her place as head chef at one of her family’s resort restaurants. But upon arrival at Paradise Bay, she’s shuffled off to the resort’s new private island getaway, where she’ll be stuck catering to the rich and shameless. Her first assignment is to serve Pierce Davenport, an infuriatingly arrogant writer with a palate that’s about as adventurous as a plain boiled potato. 

Pierce Davenport is living every author’s dream—his critically-acclaimed Clash of Crowns books have been turned into one of the world’s most-watched television series. The only problem is, he has no idea how to end the epic fantasy tale. After two long years, his fans are turning on him, his publisher is panicking, and the network executives have announced they’re hiring a team of scriptwriters to finish (a.k.a. ruin) his legacy for him. 

In dire need of solitude, he escapes to the Island of Eden for two distraction-free months so he can pull off the impossible—write an entire novel from start to finish. All he wants is peace and quiet, but when disaster strikes, he’s forced to rely on irritating-but-beautiful Emma to deliver more than just three meals a day. 

Putting Pierce and Emma together is like combining orange juice and toothpaste. Will their differences be their ruin or will they be the secret ingredient to each other’s success?

One (or more) Sentence Summary: Well, it is no surprised, that I absolutely LOVED Whisked Away.  Melanie is one my favorite authors (right up with there Meg Cabot, Sophia Kinsella and Janet Evanovich) and I adore her.  What I wouldn't give to have an ounce of her writing talent.  Whisked Away is the 2nd book in the Paradise Bay Romantic Comedy series.  

Please take my advice (do yourself the favor) and do the following
1. Grab Whisked Away (free on Unlimited Kindle - btw!)
2. Call in sick to work and/or hire a baby sitter 
3. Cancel all plans (whatever you need to do-cancel them) 
4. Grab your favorite beverage and snack 
5. Shut off your phone (unless that is the only way you can access the Kindle app)
6. Lock yourself away and enjoy your stay at Paradise Bay!

You won't be able to get enough of Emma and Pierce and you won't want to stop reading, trust me.  Seriously, so funny (like a stitch in your side from laughing so hard), steamy scenes (oh my word Pierce!), a return to Paradise Bay (Harrison, Libby, Rosie and Darnell are all back too!!)....what more could you want? 


Would I Read Other Books by the Author:  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of Melanie's books.  Make sure you check them all out....you will NOT be disappointed. Can't wait for book #3 in the Paradise Bay series.  So ready for Leo (Melanie write fast)!  
Here is a link to my reviews:
The Honeymooner (book 1 of Paradise Bay) 
The Royal Treatment (book 1 The Crown Jewels)
The Royal Wedding (book 2 The Crown Jewels)
The Royal Delivery (book 3 The Crown Jewels)

Melanie Summers currently resides in Edmonton, Canada, with her husband, three young children, and their goofy dog. When she's not writing romance novels, she loves reading (obviously), snuggling up on the couch with her family for movie night (which would not be complete without lots of popcorn and milkshakes), and long walks in the woods near her house. 

Melanie also spends a lot more time thinking about doing yoga than actually doing yoga, which is why most of her photos are taken ‘from above’. She also loves shutting down restaurants with her girlfriends. Well, not literally shutting them down, like calling the health inspector or something. More like just staying until they turn the lights off. 

Melanie is a member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as the International Women's Writing Guild. Melanie would love to hear from you! She does her best to respond to all inquiries and emails personally. If you would like her to attend a book club meeting via Skype please contact her to book a date. 

Contact her at mjsummersbooks@gmail.com or visit www.mjsummersbooks.com.

P.S. she writes also writes steamy romances as MJ Summers.