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Annie in Paris

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Personal shopper Annie Valentine is back! Older and bolder!

Fashion guru Annie is struggling to cope with her hectic life. With the demands of two older children, plus four-year-old twins, her marriage to Ed is in a romance-free rut and she’s clinging by a couture thread to her job as the nation’s favourite fashion fixer.

And where is Svetlana, her multi-millionaire friend, when Annie needs her? Busy with an expensive mid-life crisis, that's where!

When Ed gets the chance to teach in Paris, Annie thinks time apart could be the answer. Wrong!

In Paris, Ed transforms into a debonair silver fox, attracting the attentions of stylish siren Sylvie.

Annie can’t lose her man or the job she loves, so bundling her bags, her babies and a reluctant Svetlana onto the Eurostar, she sets off to the rescue. But can the City of Love deliver the ooh la la that her marriage, and her fashion series, so desperately needs?

Another brilliant laugh out loud emotional read, perfect for fans of Fiona Gibson, Tracy Bloom and Sophie Ranald!

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One (or more) Sentence Summary: Emily in Paris for adults! I didn't realize until after I finished the book and went to look for other books by Carmen Reid that this was actually book 7 of a series.  It is 100% a stand-alone, but now I can't wait to read other books in the series. Get book 1 for free here. Books 2- 7 are free with Kindle Unlimited!

Annie is one of those characters that makes you laugh out loud and can only imagine how crazy her life really is.  She takes care of everyone - two older children and young twins, her husband, and friends. I absolutely love how she just packs up the twins and off she goes to Paris where her husband is spending the summer on sabbatical. I think the funniest part was getting locked in a courtyard (no spoiler here).  

Both Annie and her friend (Annie used to be a personal shopper for her) Svetlana grew a lot during the journey. I really liked how Svetlana went from wanting to have more plastic surgery to selling her designer clothes for charity and converting a plot of land into a community garden. She really grew a lot throughout the book. 

Very enjoyable read!

Carmen Reid is the bestselling author of numerous woman’s fiction titles including the Personal Shopper series starring Annie Valentine. After taking a break from writing she is back, introducing her hallmark feisty women characters to a new generation of readers. She lives in Glasgow with her husband and children.

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