Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Secrets of My Hollywood Life


What if... Your picture was taped inside teenage boys' lockers across America, your closets were bursting with never-worn designer clothing, and the tabloids constantly asked whether you were losing your "good girl" status?  It's a glamorous life, but sixteen-year-old Kaitlin Burke, costar of one of the hottest shows on TV, is exhausted from the pressures of fame. Then she hits on an outrageously daring solution, one that has to remain top secret or it will jeopardize everything she's ever worked for.

I think the best thing about this series how it portrays a Hollywood star trying to be a “normal” girl, to be herself. Once I started reading the first book, I couldn't stop! I think it is wonderful that she stood up to all the adults in a very respectful way. It is a cute read and a great summer book for teens. The covers are very catching too! I started the series when the fourth book had just come out. I loved them all. The fifth book is due out in March 2010 (I think it is already out, but I haven’t hit the book store this past week).

Series: Secrets of My Hollywood Life, Secrets of My Hollywood Life: On Location, Family Affair, Paparazzi Princess, and Broadway Lights (March 2010).

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