Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Author Blog Hop & Giveaway!

Of Thoughts and Words and Oh! For the Love of Books are hosting a New Author Blog Hop. Currently there are 45 sites signed up to participate, most are hosting a giveaway in conjunction with the event.

To see all the participating sites CLICK HERE.

Pick just one New Author - seriously?  I have read so many great books by new authors lately.  Hmmm.  Since I can't decide, lets quickly recap some New Authors:

Currently reading: Rock Star's Girl by J. F. Kristin (Loving it so far!! Review to come)

Synopsis: Emily Watts just wants a weekend break from the workaholic hours she's taken on to keep her business – a popular fashion-snark web site – up and running. What she gets is overnight celebrity and a career-killing media scandal.

While taking time out to attend a concert in support of friend Jesse Cinder, a struggling musician, Emily meets Cory Sampson, the lead singer of a chart-topping rock band. When she agrees to a date with Cory, making entertainment headlines is the last thing she expects. Even so, it's a minor surprise by comparison to her discovery that in the music world, media notoriety trumps all. Tabloid allegations erupt when Cory and fame-hungry Jesse use Emily for personal gain, and her tarnished image spells disaster – personally and professionally. To save the web site and writing career she's made her life and dream, Emily must go from being a pawn in the Hollywood headline game to becoming the media mastermind.

Just finished: Doctor and the Diva was super good.  I read this as part of my ROC book club.  We had a great discussion too!  I can't wait to share my review with you all (this weekend).
Synopsis: It is 1903, and Erika von Kessler has struggled for years to become pregnant. Resigned to childlessness, Erika-a talented opera singer and the wife of a prominent Bostonian-secretly plans to move to Italy to pursue her musical career. When the charismatic Doctor Ravell takes Erika on as a patient, he is mesmerized by her. Impetuously, he takes a shocking risk that could ruin them both.
Inspired by the author's family history, the novel moves from snowy Boston to the gilded balconies of Florence in a stunning tale of opera, longing, and the indomitable power of romantic obsession.
Recent reviews:
Her Sister's Shadow (CLICK HERE for review)
An emotionally powerful debut about two sisters who reconnect after nearly forty years of estrangement.

Proof of Heaven (CLICK HERE for review)
A mother’s faith, a child’s courage, a doctor’s dedication—a moving and thought-provoking tale of hope, love, and family.

Since I can't pick you get to!  One lucky winner will get to pick which of the four books above they would like!  Your choice can be traditional book or e-book!  What do you need to do?  Complete the following  to enter - 1 mandatory and a few extra entries!  Good Luck!


  1. Love your website! Happy to meet you. Looking forward to reading your reviews :)

  2. Finally stopping by from the New Author Blog Hop. Love the title of your blog!

  3. Wonderful blog hop! I've been wanting to read the Doctor and the Diva for awhile and now it's one of my book club's choices for early next year. And I've also heard good things about Her Sister's Shadow.


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