Monday, July 9, 2012

Movers Dreamers and Risk-Takers - TLC Book Tour

My Rating: Great Read (full of great information)

Synopsis:  An inability to focus, impulsiveness, misbehavior, frequent daydreaming, and a predisposal to addiction are frequently referenced traits of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But what about the gifts of ADHD? In Movers, Dreamers, and Risk Takers, Kevin Roberts, author of Cyber Junkie, takes a fresh approach to this much-written-about topic to help those with ADHD—their parents, teachers, and friends—to tap the hidden strengths and actual advantages inherent in the ADHD personality.

Those with ADHD have a predisposition to confronting the challenges of life and a deep preference for perceiving the world creatively. Roberts helps readers appreciate how the perceptual, interpersonal, and cognitive differences of “ADHDers” like these can be translated into unique skills and talents that can enhance their ability to be successful socially, academically, and in their careers.

Roberts combines the latest research with personal stories, as well as insights born from his work with those with ADHD. He shows readers how to get past the stigma of this condition to eventually turn what have been seen as “symptoms” into character strengths and creative ways to make life richer and more interesting for themselves and the people around them.

My Review:  Movers, Dreamers and Risk-Takers: Unlocking the Power of ADHA, is a VERY informative book.  If you are or know a someone who is ADHD this book is a MUST Read.  My daughter was diagnosed with ADD with some ADHD tendencies this past year and Movers, Dreamers and Risk-Takers has help me understand things from her point of view.  I think my most wide-eyed opener was what we say to such people.  As I read through a list of things that are typically said to a person with ADHD I thought...."I say at least one of these phrases a day to my daughter."  I had no idea how it was impacting her and not in a positive way.  Another "OMG" moment for me was the entire section on lying.  I have seen an enormous amount of lying in the past six months and now I understand why and how to handle it/the situation.  My heart just breaks from how I have been handling things with my daughter.  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to read Movers, Dreamers and Risk-Takers so I can change my reactions and help my daughter.  Don't put off buying this book if you know someone with ADHD, you won't regret it.  There is so much information in the book!
Meet the Author: Kevin Roberts was born in Detroit, Michigan, attended 12 years of Catholic school, and graduated from the University of Michigan. He has a Master's Degree in ADHD studies from Antioch University. As part of the coursework, he did extensive research on addiction. He taught high school and middle school social studies and foreign languages for four years. For the last 13 years, he has been an ADHD Coach and educational consultant, helping underachieving individuals succeed in school and life. In addition, he conducts support groups for teens and adults who struggle with cyber addiction. 

Roberts is a nationally-recognized expert in cyber addictions and also lectures widely on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He regularly speaks at conferences, hospitals, clinics and medical schools. He speaks French, Spanish, and German in addition to some conversational capacity in Greek, Italian, Arabic, Quechua, Polish and Mandarin. 

Purchase It:  You can purchase Mover, Dreamers and Risk-Takers: Unlocking the Power of ADHD at Amazon for $14.95 ($11.18 for Prime Members and Kindle version for $8.69)

Connect:  You can connect with Kevin Roberts on his website.  

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