Monday, February 10, 2014

Emma vs. the Tech Guy

~ I received a copy of this book from the publisher or author to facilitate this review.  I received no compensation and opinions are 100% my own or my family. ~

Synopsis (from Amazon): Emma Barton is a workaholic. Nothing is more important than becoming managing editor of the magazine she works for. And she has the perfect plan to achieve that goal. Then Guy Walker enters her office. Sexy, sweet, and super popular, the new tech guy takes the office by storm. Will he derail every strategy Emma has in place? If he discovers her secret, it could ruin Emma's career and turn her life upside down. 

This hilarious chick lit book will pull you into its world and leave you loving its fun, witty characters.

One (or more) Sentence Summary: What a cute story.  I totally get Emma and her workaholic lifestyle.  I thought I had Emma vs. the Tech Guy figured out at Chapter 3....but, holy tech_no!  I did not see the ending coming at all....what a surprise.  You have to read it, as I will not give this ending away.  

Favorite Character(s):  Who can't love Emma?  She has a great and fun job, is smart, and falls in love!  I also really liked Pop, Emma's grandfather.  What a cool guy.  Let's not forget his side kid Lou!  I would that kind of relationship with an elder.  

Fast read/slow read:  Fast!

Cover:  Too cute, don't you think so?

What Others Are Saying:  "I've never had a book sweep me off my feet and take me on such an emotional roller coaster quite the way this one has done, there were moments of pure laughter, gasps and jaw dropping..." Nerd Girl

"The Tech Guy is eloquently written and allowed my imagination to run riot. I failed to realize how deeply involved in the story I was and before I knew it the book was over, leaving it's mark on me for days after. This is always the sign of a great read: being pulled into a story, unable to put it down and leaving you wanting more." -

Would I Read Other Books by the Author: Absolutely!

Lia Fairchild is both a traditionally published and independent author who writes contemporary fiction, chick lit, romance, and mystery/thriller. Fairchild was born and raised in Southern California and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a multiple-subject teaching credential. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers.

Watch for her new release, Circle in the Sand, due out January 7. Click on her name above (near title) to sign up and have Amazon alert you when it's available.

Look for updates on her and her books at her website, follow her on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. Sounds fun - and it's been too long since I've read a good chick lit book.

  2. I just saw this. Thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.

  3. This sounds like an awesome book. I love a fun, fast read! I have never heard of this one before- but I love that you were surprised. :) Thanks for sharing!


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