Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Touch Blue

Synopsis (from Amazon): An exquisite second novel from the Newbery Honor author of RULES! TOUCH BLUE, sure as certain, will touch your heart.

The state of Maine plans to shut down her island's schoolhouse, which would force Tess's family to move to the mainland--and Tess to leave the only home she has ever known. Fortunately, the islanders have a plan too: increase the numbers of stunts by having several families take in foster children. So now Tess and her family are taking a chance on Aaron, a thirteen-year-old trumpet player who has been bounced from home to home. And Tess needs a plan of her own--and all the luck she can muster. Will Tess's wish come true or will her luck run out?

Newbery Honor author Cynthia Lord offers a warm-hearted, humorous, and thoughtful look at what it means to belong--and how lucky we feel when we do. Touch Blue, sure as certain, will touch your heart.

One (or more) Sentence Summary: I really like this book, Touch Blue. I like how the island is a made up name. I thought it was cool that if you touch blue your wish will come true. I like all the lucky and unlucky rules Tess has and her special sayings.  Each chapter started off with one. 

For example, "to learn when something will happen, pull off a daisy's petals, one by one while saying, 'This year, next year, sometime, never.'  The last petal tells the answer."  My mom's favorites were, "if you find a button on the ground, walk around it clockwise three times to remove its bad luck before you pick it up"  and "if you write your wish beneath the stamp on a letter, the letter will carry the wish with it."

I think this book is amazing and I give it five stars. 

Favorite Character(s):  My favorite character is Tess. She is fun, adventurous  and creative. I liked how she made Aaron feel a part of her family and accepted by others on the island.  I also really liked how she set the blue lobster free!  She could have sold it for a lot of money.

Her Uncle Ned was very funny.  Her sister Libby, is a typically little sister, can't keep a secret and loves to play Monopoly.

Setting:  On an island in Maine, called  Bethsaida.  I went to Maine when I was 5.  I would really like to go back again.  My Aunt lives in Bath, Maine.

Fast read/slow read:  Fast read! 

Cover:  I like the cover and love the Monopoly pieces!

Would I Read Other Books by the Author:  Absolutely, in fact my class is currently reading Rules. It is really good so far. My favorite charter is Jason. He is funny , adventurous,  and amazing. 

Cynthia Lord, is a children's book writer, seaglass collector, daydreamer, and the mother of two teenagers. You can find discussion guides for her books, interviews, links, goofy childhood photos, and more at her website.  She is coming to my school, as our visiting author and I can't wait to meet her.

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