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What They See + Giveaway

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Synopsis: First impressions DO count, and so does what comes afterward! Learn how to stand out, shine and make a stellar lasting impression as you enter the workforce. We send messages constantly—through our body language, actions, what we carry with us and what we wear...and most of this has nothing to do with what we actually say. Being aware of the messages you send is the first step in learning how to build an overall (and sustainable) image of professionalism that will assure others that you are capable, competent, and right for the job. In an easy-to-read format, and with simple and actionable steps, this book will help you discover how others perceive you when you make a first impression, and will show you how to ensure that the world sees you the way you want it to. An expert in the field of communications and human relations, Jennifer Swanson has written a must-read book for students, new graduates, job seekers or anyone looking to fulfill their professional goals.

One (or more) Sentence Summary: What They See is a must read book for all graduates. I work in a conservative profession (accounting) and teach accounting at a University and this books is spot on.  I am so shocked at what I see when interviewing people as well as let me students know how "what they see" in the first contact (campus, career center, tailgate event, office, etc) is so critical.  

What They See, goes beyond how to dress, it is about how to present yourself. It includes check lists, "quizzes," and a thirty day challenge. 

My favorite lists (totally agree with them): Eleven attributes of a true professional, nine skills your employer wants you to have, how to dress your desk and work ethics.  How to dress your desk really hit home with me.  I had to take a look around my office and realized, I had way too many personal items in it.  My thought was, I spend so much time here, I was making the space "mine."  However, I realized I made it too much "mine" and it lost its professionalism.  

Some other advice I completely agree with…..Screen saver, cell phone ring tones, and be accountable.  Screen savers in my opinion should be the one that company issues. Employees should not change them.  Cell phone ring tones….UGH. They say SO much about you.  I have this discussion with my husband all the time.  He thinks it is great (and funny) to have different ring tones for different people.  I think it is unprofessional and that he should have his phone on silent. Also, if you work in an open setting (including cubes) it is VERY disruptive.  Accountable is a HUGE topic for me.  Stop blaming everyone else and be accountable.  My kids are great NOT being accountable.  Everything is because of something some else did or didn't do.  I can't stand it…be accountable, regardless.

Anyone looking for a job, or in a job should read What They See…there is something for everyone in the book.  You will not be disappointed.  I am recommending What They See to all my students and giving it to graduates as a gift. 

Fast read/slow read:  FAST read

Cover:  I think it is so appropriate.

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Jennifer Swanson has been teaching Communication and Human Relation skills since 1993 to college students entering the medical field. She is also the creator/host of the Communication Diva Podcast, which has an international audience and helps people in deepening workplace and personal relationships through more effective communication. In addition to teaching young adults, Swanson is an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada, has worked in the Youth and Family Ministry for 3 years, has a Master's Degree in Public and Pastoral Leadership, and is a certified conflict coach and Master NLP Practitioner. She is also a mother and step-mother to two young adults and two teens. Swanson draws upon years of expertise as she shares her passion for inspiring others to reach their full potential with readers and audiences worldwide.
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  1. Thank you for this lovely review, Jilleen and for sharing it with your audience. I am glad you found it spot on and that you will recommend it to your students and grads. It seems that what used to be common knowledge isn't anymore, through no one's fault I might add, but there is a gap and that's what I hope to fill with this book so that people can be the best they can be in the workplace, without losing who they truly are. Cheers!

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