Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

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Synopsis (from Amazon): When a buttoned-up professor and her unbuttoned daughter fall for the same irresistible man, a delightful, subversive comedy begins. . . .
Life isn’t easy for single mother Ally Hughes. Teaching at Brown, her class load is huge and her boss is a menace. At home, she contends with a critical mother, a falling-down house, and a daughter who never misses a beat. Between taking care of the people she loves, teaching full time, and making ends meet, Ally doesn't have time for a man. She doesn’t date. She’s not into flings. But then she meets Jake, an eager student, young in years but old in soul, who challenges his favorite professor to open up her life, and her heart, to love. It doesn't work. In fact, his urging backfires.

Ten years later, Ally's still single. Jake reappears and surprises her in a brand-new role: He's dating Ally's now-grown daughter. In this hilarious, heartrending tale, Ally is finally forced to concede (not only to herself) that an independent, "liberated" woman can still make room in her life for love.

One (or more) Sentence Summary: Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes is a fantastic story with steam, crazy twists, great characters, Absolutely loved the book from page one and it just kept getting better with each turn of the page.  The book goes back and forth about 10 years and present day.  Can there PLEASE be a sequel?

Favorite Character(s):  Ally go girl!

Fast read/slow read:  Super-duper fast.  Very easy, very funny, very hot....

Would I Read Other Books by the Author:  I would love, love, love to read another book by Jules.  This is Jules' first novel.  I sure hope she is writing her second one FAST.

Jules Moulin has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. She spent her twenties writing the Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning series Party of Five and The West Wing. She left Hollywood five years ago in order to work as a full-time mom and splits her time between New York City and Pasadena, California. This is her first novel.

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