Sunday, March 6, 2016

From A to Zoe

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Synopsis (from Amazon): Zoe Zimmerman wants a new start. So she does the logical thing: she moves to New York City. But when a man from her past finds her—and a lump in her breast—Zoe realizes that troubles can follow you no matter where you go and that you have to roll with the punches. 

Thankfully, Zoe knows how to do just that. When she finds a rat in her new apartment, she doesn’t freak out—she figures out that he prefers Swiss cheese to mozzarella. And when the woman who offered her a job dies suddenly and Zoe finds herself a suspect in the murder investigation, she vows to frame whoever is trying to frame her. 

With humor and spunk, "From A to Zoe" chronicles the adventures of one woman just trying to make it in New York. Whether she’s taking a taxi-driving lover from Guadeloupe, battling cancer, or solving the murder she’s being blamed for, Zoe doesn’t back down from the opportunities or challenges of modern life. 

Take the mystery-solving pluckiness of Janet Evanovich’s characters, add a good dose of David-Sedaris-style humor, and you get Zoe Zimmerman, one of the most memorable personalities out there.

One (or more) Sentence Summary: One minute I was mad at Zoe for being the mistress and the next minute I was laughing at the pet rat in her apartment. Another minute I was mad that she was being set up for murder and the next minute I was laughing about Zoe's brother.

Favorite Character(s):  Zoe, of course.  She was first a victim and came out the super hero!

Fast read/slow read:  I thought the book had slow parts, and fast parts.  

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