Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Storm Sister: The Seven Sisters Book 2

Synopsis (from Amazon): Ally D’Apli├Ęse is about to compete in one of the world’s most perilous yacht races when she hears the news of her adoptive father’s sudden, mysterious death. Rushing back to meet her five sisters at their family home, she discovers that her father—an elusive billionaire affectionately known to his daughters as Pa Salt—has left each of them a tantalizing clue to their true heritage.

But the timing couldn’t be worse: Ally had only recently fallen into a new and deeply passionate love affair, but with her life now turned upside down, she decides to leave the open seas and follow the trail that her father left her, which leads her to the icy beauty of Norway…

There, Ally begins to discover her roots and how her story is inextricably bound to that of a young unknown singer, Anna Landvik, who lived over a century before and sang in the first performance of Grieg’s iconic music set to Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt. As Ally learns more about Anna, she also begins to question who her father, Pa Salt, really was—and why is the seventh sister missing?

Following the internationally bestselling novel The Seven Sisters, this novel, “full of drama and romance” (Daily Mail), continues Lucinda Riley’s spellbinding series inspired by the mythology surrounding the famous star constellation.

One (or more) Sentence Summary: The Storm Sister is the second book in the Seven Sisters series (The Seven Sisters, Book 1 review).  I very much enjoyed the story of Ally and learning about her history.  I can't believe Ally had to go through so much lost.  The second story within The Storm Sister is Ally's history.  The story takes us to Norway to discover Anna and the music of Grieg.  I really like how Lucinda Riley goes back and forth between the two stories.  The stories are so well described you feel like you become part of the stories.  She leaves me wanting more.  

Would I Read Other Books by the Author: Yes, I am now reading The Shadow Sister: The Seven Sisters Book 3.

Lucinda Riley is a New York Times bestselling author of sixteen novels, including The Orchid House and The Seven Sisters series. Her books have sold more than eight million copies in thirty languages globally. She was born in Ireland and divides her time between England and West Cork with her husband and four children. Visit her online at LucindaRiley.com and learn more about The Seven Sisters series at TheSevenSistersSeries.com.

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