Friday, November 9, 2018

Once Upon a Christmas

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Synopsis (from Amazon): Is it ever too late for happily ever after...?

Callahan is one of the hottest guys to move into Harper’s Corner in a long time, partly because he’s also a complete mystery. 

He keeps to himself and leads a quiet life, rumors swirl around that he used to be in the military...but no one knows where he came from, or what brought him to their small town. 

When Stevie’s parents have a health crisis, she’s forced to take leave from her very New York existence: including a high-powered job at a big publishing house and explosive sex life with her wealthy, handsome and appropriately pretentious boyfriend, to step in and ensure the preservation of the family’s longstanding bookstore.

With the first order of business being to fire Callahan, the unqualified shop assistant her dad hired. 

Though as many women from Harper’s Corner can tell you, things change when you come back home.

So firing this attractive, brooding, secretive man turns out to be much harder than she originally planned…

And when his past comes back to challenge him, he can’t keep hiding from what happened. 

I invite you to tuck into another Harper’s Corner story about finding love when you least expect it…once upon a time in a bookstore…

One (or more) Sentence Summary:  We start out with Stevie at couple therapy, by always! Her boyfriend was the one that suggested they get counseling and has yet to show up to an appointment.  Gable seems to be the perfect boyfriend, except he's not.  Stevie is called back home to run her parent's bookstore while they take a trip to Arizona due to her mother's health.  

Stevie leaves NYC and goes back home to Harper's Corner and puts a plan in place to "modernize" the bookstore. She learns her father has hired a "wonderer" to help with the store.  Stevie thinks Cal needs to go, until she realizes she has fallen...hard, for him.  

Cal is not looking to settle down and is still running from the ghosts of his past. In walks Stevie and he world is turned upside down.  Both Stevie and Cal try hard not to give into the chemistry between them.  In the end, they can't resit each other.

Once Upon a Christmas is a quick stand-alone read that is perfect this time of year!  As I am writing this post, it just started snowing! 

Would I Read Other Books by the Author: I love Christina's The Publicist series.  I also really enjoyed book two in The Harper's Corner series, A Nanny for Christmas.

I’ve worked in publishing for twenty years and I sincerely love books and authors. I started this journey with my own books planning to write just one, and then well – all I can say is the stories kept coming. My original series The Publicist, follows Kate, Mac, Nick, Vivienne and a host of other awesome characters as they make their lives in New York, amidst the chaos that publishing often brings with it.
I am now exploring a fictional small town called Harper’s Corner. This series is so fun, because there are so many characters in this town, from sexy firemen and hot Army guys, to an awesome group of women that I affectionally call “the coven.” These books will explore each of these characters, and their journey to finding the loves of their lives.
I love writing, and I love reading and if I’m not actively writing a book, I’m probably dreaming of what I’ll write next.

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