Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Excess Baggage

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Synopsis (from Amazon):  Stuck in a dead-end relationship, Erica Bennett finds herself daydreaming of her first holiday romance. She was 15, and it was exciting, new, and full of possibilities...and Jack Lawson was hot as hell. That kind of thing leaves a mark.
So when her friends suggest a girls' holiday to Luna Island, it's exactly what she needs to take her mind off things. What she doesn't expect is to spot Jack - a much older, hotter version of him - across the hotel lobby.
Their attraction is still there, and it isn't long before sparks fly, but 15 years is a long time. They aren't the same people they were back then, and besides, it's only a week, right? Is it a second chance at something real, or will their excess baggage ruin their shot at love after they leave Luna Island?

One (or more) Sentence Summary:  I adored Excess Baggage!  Erica is daydreaming about her a romantic holiday when she was 15 and who happens to be across the lobby? Jack,... from 15 years ago.  We jump right into a very steam pool scene and it just continues to get hotter as the story progresses.

Okay, now that is out of the way, Erica is an absolute hoot.  Everything adventure they go on, she comes out of it with some sort of mishap. Most of the time it involves her bathing suit.  She really made the book very funny.  I can't imagine all thing that happened to her every time she step out to have fun.  She just rolled with it. I am seeing a lot of white bathing suits in the stores this year and I just find myself laughing as I think of Erica. She is too funny.

What will become of Erica and Jack after 15 years? What happens when Erica's boyfriend (whom she broke up with over text) shows up on Luna Island with a ring? I can't spoil it for you.

Would I Read Other Books by the Author:  For sure....I would love to read about the girls on vacation with Erica (Brooke is book 2 and Alice is book 3). Laura's story telling and sense of humor reminds me a lot of one of my new favorite authors, MJ Summers (Melanie Summers).  They need to meet and I have to be there!  P.S. Melanie let's meet Laura in the UK, eh?

Laura has a ton of other books that look great and I can't wait to get my hand on them. 
  • The Debt & Doormat Series (3 books)
  • Tequila & Tea Bags
  • Dopey Women (should buy it just for the man on the cover)
  • Sex, Snow & Mistletoe
  • One Month Til I Do Series (2 books)
  • Road Trip
  • Heath, Cliffs & Wondering Hearts

Amazon Best Seller Laura Barnard lives in Hertfordshire, UK and writes romantic comedy or 'chick lit' as its so often described. In her spare time she enjoys drinking her body weight in tea, indulging in cupcakes the size of her face and drooling over hunks like Jamie Dornan, Ryan Gosling and Leo Dicaprio. 
She enjoys wearing yoga pants and reading fitness magazines while sitting on the sofa eating chocolate. She's a real fan of the power nap, loves setting her friends up together and of course READING! 
She writes not to get rich or famous, but because she LOVES writing. Even if one person tells her they enjoyed her book it makes the midnight typing worth it!

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