Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Big Finish

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Synopsis (from Amazon):  
Meet Duffy, an old curmudgeon who lives in an assisted living home.
Meet Josie, a desperate young woman who climbs through his window.
Together, they’re going to learn it’s never too late—or too early—to change your ways.

For Duffy Sinclair, life boils down to one simple thing: maintaining his residence at the idyllic Centennial Assisted Living. Without it, he’s destined for the roach-infested nursing home down the road—and after wasting the first eighty-eight years of his life, he refuses to waste away for the rest. So, he keeps his shenanigans to the bare minimum with the help of his straight-laced best friend and roommate, Carl Upton.

But when Carl’s granddaughter Josie climbs through their bedroom window with booze on her breath and a black eye, Duffy’s faced with trouble that’s sticking around and hard to hide—from Centennial’s management and Josie’s toxic boyfriend. Before he knows it, he’s running a covert operation that includes hitchhiking and barhopping.

He might as well write himself a one-way ticket to the nursing home…or the morgue. Yet Duffy’s all in. Because thanks to an unlikely friendship that becomes fast family—his life doesn’t boil down the same anymore. Not when he finally has a chance to leave a legacy.

One (or more) Sentence Summary:  The relationships the residents and workers have at the Centennial Assisted Living makes my heart happy! Okay the evil owner needs some work!  To think that people can bond so quickly even though they didn't know each other earlier in life is so beautiful.  Their caregivers have huge hearts and only want the best for all the residents. They all get a surprise when Carl's granddaughter drops in - literally falls in from the open window.  Even though everyone thought Carl had no family, they all take to Josie, except Duffy.  He thinks she come with a lot of baggage and is going to send him to his grave.  All the residents come together and help mend her and get her back on her feet again.  Along the way, so pretty cool things happen to Duffy.  He realizes it is never too late to learn another life lesson or two.  

Warning: Kleenex is needed near the end!

Brooke Fossey was once an aerospace engineer with a secret clearance before she traded it all in for motherhood and writing. She's a past president and an honorary lifetime member of DFW Writers Workshop. Her work can be found in numerous publications, including Ruminate Magazine and SmokeLong Quarterly. When she's not writing, you can find her in Dallas, Texas with her husband, four kids, and their dog Rufus. She still occasionally does math.

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