Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Heir Affair

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Synopsis (from Amazon):  Making it up the aisle was the easy part: Rebecca "Bex" Porter must survive her own scandals and adjust to royal British life in this "timely and positively delicious" follow-up to The Royal We that's "just as fun, charming, and delightful as the first" (Taylor Jenkins Reid)

After a scandalous secret turns their fairy-tale wedding into a nightmare, Rebecca "Bex" Porter and her husband Prince Nicholas are in self-imposed exile. The public is angry. The Queen is even angrier. And the press is salivating. Cutting themselves off from friends and family, and escaping the world's judgmental eyes, feels like the best way to protect their fragile, all-consuming romance.

 But when a crisis forces the new Duke and Duchess back to London, the Band-Aid they'd placed over their problems starts to peel at the edges. Now, as old family secrets and new ones threaten to derail her new royal life, Bex has to face the emotional wreckage she and Nick left behind: with the Queen, with the world, and with Nick's brother Freddie, whose sins may not be so easily forgotten -- nor forgiven.

One (or more) Sentence Summary:  Loved the sequel to The Royal We.  The Heir Affair starts off right after Nick and Bex's disastrous wedding. While they are "hiding out" they get a call that they are needed back at the castle due to a family emergency.  Nick and Bex have many of the same or similar stories/events to William and Kate.  However, we get to see things through Bex's eyes and get to witness her reactions (much different than what we know of Kate).  Bex isn't afraid to speak up for sure!

When Nick and Bex move into Georgian's apartment that hasn't been touch in many, many years, they discover all sorts of stories regarding the Queen's sister.....including a HUGE family secret.  Never saw that twist coming and holy cow.....left us hoping there is a third book!

I do recommend you read The Royal We first. 

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