Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Our Italian Summer

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Synopsis:  Workaholic and single mother Francesca Ferrari is one step away from a nervous breakdown when her studious, straight-laced, 17-year-old daughter Allegra is caught with illicit drugs. Allegra is sick of being ignored by her uptight mother whose one true love is her work. And Francesca’s mother, Sophia, knows that they’re all in trouble. Sophia is concerned that her family is falling apart in front of her eyes, and she also can’t seem to shake the feeling that her health is failing, fast. Sophia declares that a summer in Italy might just be the heart-mending cure they all need to keep their family from ripping apart at the seams.

What comes next is an adventure of a lifetime as the three women embark on a journey they’ll never forget. Filled with funny family bonding moments (that may or may not include a tumble down the Spanish Steps), a gorgeous Italian backdrop, and more than a few moments of sparkling romantic chemistry, OUR ITALIAN SUMMER is a dazzling escape to Italy with surprises around every turn.

One (or more) Sentence Summary:  I think every working mother and a teenager could relate to Our Italian Summer!  We can never do the right thing, say the proper thing, be where we are supposed to be all the time, on and on.  I felt Francesca's pain. When her mother steps in with a trip to Italy for the month it seems like the perfect solution.

As predicted the Fransesca and her daughter Allegra mend their relationship and learn so much about each other.  Sophia opens up about her childhood and her love for her husband.  Relationship mending while new ones are developing.  All three ladies end up finding love interests.  Not all of them are straight forward and easy given one lives in Italy and one is going to become a priest.  Even Sophia makes plans to meet up with a "friend" she met in Paris. 

Overall, a very enjoyable book.

Would I Read Other Books by the Author: This is my first Jennifer Probst book, but I just downloaded 3 of her books on Kindle Unlimited.

Prolific New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst is widely adored by romance readers for her charming, sexy, and completely captivating novels. The writer of numerous chart-topping romance series, Probst’s stories are not only steamy but inspiring, featuring strong women who strive for respect and independence, making them must-reads for fans of the genre.

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