Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Adult Assembly Required

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Synopsis (from Amazon):  New York native Laura Costello never expected that a big move to Los Angeles would find her facing homelessness. What started out one week ago as a shiny new adventure and a fresh start has turned into a nightmare: Laura’s apartment is burned to the ground and she has nowhere to live. Not to mention, she’s already running from a breakup and an overbearing family back on the East Coast, and she is hoping to leave a traumatic accident in the dust. Laura quickly learns that this whole “adulting” thing is actually pretty hard, no matter where you are. 


But when Laura, at rock bottom (and also soaking wet), steps inside a Larchmont bookstore, she meets a gregarious, quirky bookseller who seems to want to solve all of her problems.


It’s not long before Laura finds herself adopted by said bookseller, installed in a lovely but completely illegal boardinghouse, and challenged to save a losing trivia team from disgrace. Add in a gorgeous housemate and her ex-boyfriend determined to put himself back in the running, and Laura’s life has gotten even more interesting overnight. Could this strange new life be everything she needs to grow?


With each novel, Waxman’s platform continues to soar. Sarah Michelle Gellar will star in a TV dramedy based on Other People’s Houses (2018), to air on Fox. Waxman’s novels are a healing remedy for our troubled times, offering readers a good belly-laugh, a whimsical escape through the pages, and a sprinkling of advice and important messages about wellness and self-care.

Reviews:  I love Abbi Waxman books. See reviews for The Bookish Life of Nina Hill (my favorite), Other People's Houses, and  The Garden of Small Beginnings

Abbi Waxman is the USA Today bestselling author of I Was Told It Would Get EasierThe Bookish Life of Nina HillOther People’s Houses, and The Garden of Small Beginnings. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and three children.

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