Friday, October 29, 2010

Follow Fridays

Hi welcome to Follow Friday! Let me tell you what is going on today. Thanks to our host at Parajunkies View.  Today's question is a easy one for me (as long as I don't have to narrow it to just one!)!!!!

If you have, or would have a daughter, what book would you want your daughter to read?

My Answer: There are so many too list, but the ones that come to my mind first are: Little House on the Prairie (The Series), Little Women, Where the Red Fern Grows, Princess Series (Meg Cabot), Bobbesy Twins/Nancy Drew, and American Girls.

What is your answer?

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  1. Following that darn mechnical bunny around. His gears and cogs are wound tight.

    I would want a library at my finger tips, wait I have a Nook. I would want a million books to be loaded on it now :)

    Fictional girl... I have boys but I think I would recommend her to read Twenty Boy Summer and Speak.

    Mad Scientist

  2. Ah, Little Women is a great choice. Love your blog name, new follower! :D

  3. Hey there! New follower here :)Please stop by and follow back!
    Hafsah @ IceyBooks

  4. Hopping by from Follow Friday. I am following you and would love it if you follow me back at


  5. Hopping by to visit and follow! I'm a fan of the Little House on the Prarie books, too--I'm about to read them to my younger sisters. :-)


  6. I'd say: Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, The Secret Garden by by Frances Hodgson Burnett and the Anne of Green Gable series by L.M. Montgomery.


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