Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesday is sponsored my The Broke and Bookish. Every Tuesday they ask book reviewers to answer your top ten to a question.  Go check out there site to participant.  You don't have to have ten answers, if you can't come up will all ten!  Here is today's question:

Top ten books that made you cry.

Did someone say books that make you cry.....where do I begin???  These are not any particular order.

1.  Where the Red Fern Grow by Wilson Rawls
2. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson
3. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
4. The Kids are Alright by Diana Welch (and siblings)
5. Things I Want My Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble
6. All the Numbers by Judy Merrill Larson
7. Life on the Refrigerator Door: Notes Between Mother and Daughter by Alice Kuiper
8. My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
9. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
10. A Child Called It (the whole series) by Dave Pelzer
11. Marley and Me by John Grogan (the movie is great too)


  1. Love You Forever and Marley & Me are on my list as well! And The Notebook seems to be a popular pick, perhaps I should read that one...

  2. Ah, I cried, too, when I read "Love You Forever." It's one of the childrens' books that I have kept to read to my grandchildren one day.

  3. I loved Suzanne's diary and My Sister's Keeper will bring tears and sadness.

    Have you watched the movie My Sister's Keeper? I had tears flowing for the entire movie! The girl who played the big sister was amazing.

    Love this list!


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