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If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now

Ahhh. Finally 5 minutes of bliss to post this!

This book was the October Manic Mommies Bookclub selection.  I loved the book.  Mari (Bookworm With a View), our hostess always has such great selections.  The MMBC is so fortunate to get to talk with the authors as well.  You can check out the discussion at Manic Mommies Bookclub by clicking HERE

Here are the questions that were asked of us and my reply:

1. What was your overall view of the book? Did you enjoy it?

I loved this book. I am not really sure why as I am not like any of the main characters, but I was hooked on this book from page 1. It was an easy to read book and given my schedule when this book arrived, I didn't have a lot time to read and it took me forever....but I never lost interest in the book and it was very easy to pick up and put down. I liked the characters in the book - they were very easy to picture in my mind.

2. In the beginning of the novel Rickie doesn't want to volunteer at her son's school and is intimidated by the women 'running the show'. Do you volunteer at your child's school (or activities)? Have you had a challenging experience that you have overcome? or do you know women similar to the women Rickie has to interact with?

I complete understand where Rickie was coming from as it related to volunteering at her sons school. However, I am not sure why Rickie should have felt that way when she was an alum of the school, her mother was a big board member and her sister's kids went there. What I would give to have a sister (or a friend) to go to school events and/or volunteer at schools with. My children go to a small Catholic school. The school (and town) is primarily made up of people who have been from the area for a long time and whose parents went to this school as well.  I feel like I am a minority since I am a working mom (not by choice) and can't volunteer like so many other moms do and I was new to the school and area (an outsider for sure). So, the second year, I decided to do something about it and I  have volunteered for several committees (even though it means longer hours for me to make up the work time) and have met some ladies who are extremely nice.  I love being involved in my kids school and was very involved before the move (was not from that town either, but it was more of a transit town than one made up of locals).

3. Did you read Rickie as a tough or vulnerable character? Do you like where she's headed at the end of the book?

As stated above, I didn't get why Ricky was the way she was based on my own experience. I think she should have felt very connected to the school. I LOVED where Ricky was heading at the end of the book and was so hoping she "would get her act together" through out the entire book. I was surprised her parents were so willing to let her do whatever she felt like and at was irresponsible. I felt her son was more of the parent a lot of the time. I do believe Ricky acted the way she did so as not to get hurt - it was part of her "tough exterior" and defense mechanism. I would have loved to understand why she felt that way.
4. What were your thoughts regarding Rickie's mom, how she handled both of her daughter's situations and her view on motherhood?

I liked Ricky's mom and understand why she allowed Ricky and her grandson to live with her and her husband (we all would do anything to protect our family). However, I think she did a great disservice to her daughter by allowing to live in the house with "no rules" and no job. I would have made it very clear from the beginning my expectations and they would have been much different. I felt Ricky deserved a swift kick in the a** at time for the way she spoke to her mother. I liked the half-sister two and how she was able to resolve her marriage. She seemed to a person that Ricky could take to and she was usually able to talk very honestly with Ricky, even when Ricky didn't want to her about it.

Overall, I really did like the book and will probably pick up other books by the author, Claire LaZebnik (The Smart One and Pretty One). Thank you Mari and Manic Mommies for giving me the opportunity to read it!  I would recommend to anyone.

5. Lastly, what are you reading now?

The November MMBC selection - The Good Sister by Drusilla Campbell.

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  1. I barely have time to read your blog much less a whole book - I will never know how you do it all! I miss you though that's for sure!


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