Thursday, March 17, 2011

Consider It Done - Review and Giveaway

As a parent/caregiver, we wear many hats. We may care for your children (and sometimes even your spouseJ). We work hard. We work very hard. And sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day, am I right?! Today I am introducing you to Julie Subotky, author of the brand new book Consider It Done and CEO of her company, which holds the same name.

What is Consider It Done all about? Subotky shares her secrets in the book for accomplishing hundreds of life’s most bizarre, off-beat, and yet often inescapable tasks. Filled with practical tips, hints and advice as well as hilarious stories of near mishaps, crazy wild goose chases, and outrageous requests, Consider it Done is sometimes zany, often surprising, and yet always useful…. especially for a busy people like yourself. Subotky wrote the book just after she gave birth to her first child!
What type of useful tips will you find throughout these pages?
· Learn how to replace a matching spoon from your great-grandmother’s antique silver set,
· Make the perfect martini,
· Guarantee that your luggage will not get lost on your next family vacation,
· And learn how to organize your closet in 20 minutes!
Consider It Done will walk you through all of these tasks, and so many more!
I know that i have benefited from Subotky’s advice…. And Consider It Done!
For more information about the book and the great stores where you can find it, please

My Review:  What fun I had (and am having with this book). This book is filled with so much information that even if the "how to" didn't apply to me, I had to read some of them because they were so funny or unusual.  Here are just a few.....

Ones I tried (and it worked):  How to efficiently pack for a trip (I had to go to China for work and didn't want to check my luggage - space was no longer an issue).  How to write a resume. How to get your office mate to use her "indoor voice" (oh the brownie points I could have scored if my boss knew it was me who finally got her to find that other voice).  How to locate a discontinued pair of running shoes (my husband is still in awe - since I found them for him!)

One on my "to-do" list:  How to get your kids to sleep in their own bed (this should have been my first one).  How to find the perfect job (I will let you know how this works).  How to lay off chocolate (then I wouldn't need the How to lose the last 5 pounds one!!!).  How to get rid of a mildew smell (my husbands car-phew) or maybe I will have to try How to get rid of a stubborn smell.  My husband wants to try, How to keep your basement organized (basement, seriously - the whole house needs it).  How to eat for an entire week (nice, eh?)

Ones that are too funny:  How to get your guy to ask for directions (when I stop laughing I will move this to my "to-do" list).  How to change your name just because you feel like it (I always said I was going to do this as a kid!).  How to clone your pet (hmmmm). How to get and keep a pet lion (that is all my house needs).  How to say no (oh...maybe this should be under "to-do").  How to get your wife to let you watch the game in peace (I think this could be how to watch your favorite tv show in peace!!).   How to stay sane as a new mom (just accept the fact that it is part of being a mom!).  How to fit more TV into your life (maybe that should go under ones I hope to never have to use).

Ones I hope to never have to use:  How to find a dentist in another country (yipes).  How to signal your dinner date that you need the heimlich (and still get asked on a second date) (seriously??).  How to hire a snake dancer (terrified of snakes).  How to ship a (dead) body.  How to get rescued form a desert island (don't call Gilligan or the Skipper!).

In all seriousness, this book is to great.  There are 228 different tasks in this book.  This would also make a great gift.  

Now for the best news… a writer for Outnumbered 3 to 1 blog, we are giving you a chance to win a copy!  The author Julie Subotky, has given us one book for a giveaway.  

Become a follower of this blog and post a comment (one comment letting me know you are a follower/or became a follower and another comment letting me know what you are reading now = two entries).  

For more chances to enter and win....go to Outnumbered 3 to 1 and see all the ways you can enter as well as all the other giveaways.  Best of luck to you all!

Contest closes March 31, 2011 (11:59 pm est) and is only open to US residents.


  1. I am reading The Zookeepers Wife

  2. This book looks like fun and as an organized crazed person... I want a chance to win a copy! :)

    I just finished listening to Rescue (Shreve), it was okay, not great. I love her early work.

    Reading: Sanibel Scribbles for MMBC next week

  3. It's Sunday morning and I FINALLY am finding time to sit, have a latte, and read some blogs while the doggy camp is outside (4 big dogs all for 4 days.... kill me now).

    I just read your crafting blog on 3 to 1... do you have this linked on this blog, with a button? What a wonderful site! I love the Yoga socks. :)

    This is not a second entry for the book... just a comment. Have a wonderful day!

  4. I follow via GFC: allibrary.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  5. I am currently reading Murder of a Wedding Belle by Denise Swanson.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


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