Saturday, May 28, 2011

When You Were Mine

Synopsis:  IS A SECOND CHANCE AT HAPPINESS WORTH RISKING EVERYTHING? EVEN A BEST FRIEND? Susannah has been living with Doug for eight years, acting as stepmother to his three unappreciative children and wondering why she doesn’t mind much when he sometimes sleeps in his study. She’s known her best friend Amelia since they were teenagers. Amelia never minces words, and Susannah doesn’t like hearing what Amelia has to say about her noncommittal relationship. At her brother’s wedding, Susannah runs into Rob—her first love, the love of her life. There’s no band on his ring finger, and Susannah begins to fantasize. Her fantasies turn to reality when Rob gives her a call. Susannah’s world is rocked by her rekindled feelings for Rob, then totally turned upside down by a revelation from Amelia. Just when Susannah and Amelia need each other the most, they are facing a crisis that threatens to tear their friendship apart. Without her familiar guiding star, Susannah must finally make some hard choices in order to grow up for good, no matter who or what she has to leave behind. Heartwarming, wise, and sophisticated, When You Were Mine is a story about first loves, best friends, and choices that will resonate with readers everywhere.

My Review:  This book was good, but I like some other Noble's other books better.  I think I feel this way since I didn't connect to the main character, Susannah.  I felt she was too old to be so unhappy and in a dead end relationship (not married, but committed).  I don't care for books where the main character engages in an affair.  I like that she and Rob become involved again, but she should have left Doug and Rob should have separated from his wife first....just my opinion.  I know real life isn't that black and white.  Also, why she wasn't working was beyond me.  She had been a lawyer and for the life of me, I can't figure out why she gave up her career.   I was also upset at her and how (I feel) she let her best friend down during a horrible time in her life.   I just found Susannah to be immature and not very "smart." 

However, given all my above comments, I did enjoy the book, it just wasn't a favorite of mine. I would have to rate this book as Okay.

Thanks to Crazy Book Tours for letting be part of the tour!


  1. Thanks for the honest review. I don't prefer books like that either.

  2. When I can't connect to the main character, the book is usually a wash for me! Thanks for honest review.

  3. I liked one of her other books (although I can't remember which one!) but I think I'll steer clear of this. Thanks for the review.


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