Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker

Rating: A Good Read

Synopsis:  In Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, Marla takes her readers for a hilarious romp through her days as an L.A. matchmaker and her daily struggles to keep her self-esteem from imploding in a town where looks are everything and money talks. From juggling the demands her out-of-touch clients to trying her best to meet the capricious demands of an insensitive boss to the ups and downs of her own marriage to a Latin husband who doesn't think that she is 'domestic' enough, Marla writes with charm and self-effacement about the universal struggles that all women face in their lives. Readers will laugh, cringe, and cry as they journey with her through outrageous stories about the indignities of dating in Los Angeles, dealing with overblown egos, vicariously hobnobbing with celebrities, and navigating the wannabe-land of Beverly Hills. In a city where perfection is almost a prerequisite, even Marla can't help but run for the Botox every once in a while.

My Review:  Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker is one of those books that you will love to read this summer (or this spring!!)  You all know by know, my favorite things in any book....
  • Great Story (with lots of laughing)
  • Quick Read
  • Breaks within a Chapter
  • Chic Lit!
Diary of Beverly Hills Matchmaker has them all.  Marla Martenson is a great storyteller and boy, oh boy, does she have a lot of stories to tell!

What do the following have in common?
  • Shocking demands of rich clients
  • Amazing parties and events
  • Stressing over finding the perfect matches
  • Laughing-out-loud stories
  • Entertaining

Read Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker to find out! Here is a hint....all the above are found in Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker.  

Meet the Author:  Marla was born in Tacoma, Washington, the "City of Destiny." Growing up she had a natural flair for acting and a deep interest in reading and writing poetry and short stories. At the age of sixteen, Marla was living in Iran with her family, learning to speak French and Persian, when the revolution forced their return to Washington State. At the age of 19 the pursuit of an acting career drew her to Hollywood and a stint in television commercials and print modeling.

Restless and eager for new challenges, in the early nineties it was on to Chicago, where she discovered that she could use her personal dating experiences to help others. She subsequently turned this talent into a career as a matchmaker back in Los Angeles, where, since 2001, her skills have led many couples to matrimony. Marla found an outlet for her love of writing in two relationship advice books Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting and Good date, Bad Date, and in 2010 her memoir, Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker was published.

Marla's work inspires people and gives them hope that they can find their soul mates. She found and married her own, musician and composer Adolfo Jon Alexi, in Mexico City in 2002. A world traveler and culture nut, Marla describes herself as having a French flair, a Persian heart, Italian fire, and Mexican taste buds!

You can connect with Marla Martenson on Facebook,  Twitter and/or follow/subscribe to her blog!

Read It:  You can buy the Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker for $14.95.

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