Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meg Cabot Read-Along

I've joined the Meg Cabot Read-Along!
If you're a huge Meg Cabot fan, like me, you probably know that the latest Heather Wells book, Size 12 and Ready to Rock is on sale this July 10th and to build up to it and celebrate, BookClubGirl.Com is having a Meg Cabot Read-Along!

Here's the schedule posted on the site :

May 22th — Boy Next Door discussion on Book Club Girl
June 12th – Queen of Babble discussion on Book Club Girl
July 3rd - Size 12 is Not Fat discussion on Book Club Girl
July 10th -Size 12 and Ready to Rock goes on sale
July 31st -Size 12 and Ready to Rock discussion on Book Club Girl on Air, post questions for Meg’s Book Club Girl On Air interview at 7PM

If you'd like to participate, click here right away to sign up!

Meg Cabot is one of my favorite readers.  There is not a book or a series that I don't love.  I can't wait for the next Heather Wells, Size 12 to come out in July!  I wonder when Meg will write another book in the Queen of Babble series. The Boy Next Door was my first book of Meg's I read years ago....fell in love with her books right away!

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