Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In the Bag - TLC Book Tours

My Rating: GREAT Read!  I LOVED it!

Synopsis:  A European vacation.
A luggage mix-up.
A note from a secret admirer.
Meet two single parents who think they're too busy to date.
And two teenagers who can't stop writing flirty emails.

This is a tale of connections—missed and made—in a universe that seems to have its heart set on reuniting Ms. 6B and Mr. 13C.

I can't believe I picked up the wrong bag at the airport. My dad is never going to let me hear the end of it.

I don't understand why Mom told me to pack my worst underwear. And now I've lost my bag? Ack! 

I cannot stop thinking about that woman in seat 6B on the flight to Paris.

I don't have time to worry about the creep sitting in 13C who slipped a note in my purse. I have to find my daughter's missing bag before this ruins our vacation.

In the Bag is a smart and stylish story that explores the old-fashioned art of romance in a modern world, where falling in love can be as risky as checking a bag on an international flight. Buckle your seat belt—it's going to be a bumpy vacation!

My Review: First, let me just put a few things out there.....
  • chick lit at its best, 
  • extremely fast and easy read, 
  • funny, cute, so many laugh out loud parts,
  • unique story line,
  • didn't want it to end,
  • Kate Klise....I hope you are writing fast, I for one can't wait to read another book by you!
In the Bag is a fantastic story about two identical bags getting mixed up in Paris. It includes a father/son and mother/daughter relationship, young love and experienced love. The chapters alternate between the four characters. They are short chapters, so the story moves along very quickly and smoothly.   

How Kate Klise has inter-woven themes throughout In the Bag with each character is utterly amazing (even right down to the caterer calling in unable to carter the opening).  I could never have been so creative.  Kate Klise thought of everything.  The end....Cinco por Cinco and sleeping bags behind the couch had me in stitches. What a perfect ending! Clever, clever story writer, Kate Klise, I want more!  You all just need to read to In the Bag to understand what I mean.  I don't want to give anything away here. 

The characters were very believable, in fact I could picture them and what they were going through. I loved them all.  Usually there is a person in a book you don't care for so much, not so in In the Bag.  I was cheering for all four of them through out the book. I do wish that Coco would have treated her mother a little kinder, but I think Kate Klise nailed the typical mother/18 year old daughter relationship perfectly.  In the Bag is a wonderful, must read book. In the Bag would be excellent for summer reading. I think for all ages 16 and up.  I wouldn't go any younger than 16 (just my opinion).

Meet the Author:  As a correspondent for People magazine, Kate Klise covered everything from celebrity scandals to serial killers. After writing several bestselling children’s books, Kate decided to write In the Bag, her first novel for adults, when she found a note from a fellow passenger in her carry-on bag.

Connect with Kate on her website.

Buy It: You can purchase In the Bag, starting today, May 1st on-line at amazon ($14.99 paperback,  $10.98 prime members and $9.99 kindle version).

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  1. You sweet thing!
    What a lovely review to wake up to today. (And this is the book's pub date, dontchaknow.) Thanks for reading and enjoying the book. Maybe we can start a craze of note-passing among adults via carry-on bags. It would make air travel so much more enjoyable, don't you think?
    Best regards and thanks again for the lovely review.
    -Kate Klise

  2. I will have to find a copy of this book. It sounds like a perfect beach/vacation/travel/weekend... read :)

  3. Excerpts don't usually do anything for me, but that excerpt is ADORABLE! I could definitely get into this book. :)

    Thanks for being on the tour!


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