Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blood Eye (Raven: Book 1) - TLC Book Tours

My Rating:  Good Read

Synopsis:  In a thrilling adventure of brotherhood, warfare, and treachery, Giles Kristian takes us into ninth-century England, a world of darkness, epic conflict, and an unforgiving God served by powerful priests. On ships shaped like dragons, bristling with oars and armor, Jarl Sigurd and his fierce Norsemen have come in search of riches. And riches they are promised, by an English ruler who sends Sigurd and his wolves to steal a holy manuscript from another kingdom. Osric, an orphan boy, sees beyond the terror of these warriors, and somehow knows the heathens’ tongue. Renamed Raven, rechristened in blood, he will join them. They are his people. And they will be his fate.

My Review:  Blood Eye is a fast-paced historical fiction that is loosely set around a Norse invasion of 793 A.D. This tale tells of conquest, treachery and the blood-lust of the Norsemen.  Blood Eye also delves into the beliefs of the Christian and Norse Gods.

I thought of Conan the Barbarian and the changes he goes thru after being captured by Thulsa Doom, as Raven was transformed into one of the Norsemen.  Blood Eye also brought back memories from Michael Crighton's book, Eaters of the Dead, which is based on the diary of Ahmad ibn Fadlan's.  

I am looking forward to the release of Raven: Sons of Thunder - Book 2.

Meet the Author:   Having Viking ancestors himself, Giles Kristian believes that the story of Raven has always been in his blood—waiting, like the Norsemen, for the right time to burst upon the world. The Raven series has been published to great acclaim by Transworld in the UK. Giles Kristian currently lives in Leicestershire, where he writes full-time, though he enjoys nothing better than working in his family cottage that overlooks the mist-shrouded Norwegian fjords.

You can connect with Giles Kristian on his website, Facebook and Twitter

You can purchase Blood Eye, Raven - Book 1 on-line at Amazon $7.99 ($7.99 Kindle version).
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