Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Souviens - 5 Stars, MUST read

My Rating:  5 Stars, MUST Read!

Synopsis:  Could Dr. Dakota Graham, a busy family practice doctor, have inherited more from her ancestors than her brains and beauty? If she believes the unorthodox theories of Dr. Theo Everett, the scientist enlisted to cure her recurrent nightmares, Dakota has also inherited actual memories from her ancestors experiences. Their shared research into ancestral memories will have unexpected consequences that may destroy her family and threaten her future as well.

My Review:  Wow! Souviens is just that good.  

Souviens is two stories in one.  The book alternates between 2010 with Dr. Dakota Graham and 1934 with Grace Dunning.  Both are amazing stories that leave you wanting more.  Twice, I was late to work because I couldn't put it down.  Both stories are fast moving with fantastic characters.  I loved them all.  Well not the evil ones, but they made the book!  

The main story (the 2010 one) focuses on Dakota and dreams that she continues to have.  She finds a doctor, Dr. Everett, who specializes in dream therapy/research.  Dr. Everett is very evil and has his own agenda for Dakota.  He has a very immoral way of obtaining information he needs for his research.  It was very intense!

The secondary story (the 1934 one) focuses on Grace and Fenton Anderson.  Fenton is obsessed with Grace, so much so, he covers up the death of her child's father.  He continues to show up in her life (even though she isn't always aware of it) and the turn of events throughout the story are incredible. 

Souviens brings both stories together in a fantastic way that I didn't see coming. Each story is so different, and so good.  Both could be told on their own. Souviens takes place in Michigan, which added a point of interest, as I am originally from Michigan.  I don't seem to stumble across books that take place in Michigan.  

I am afraid that if I go into any more detail, I will spoil the book for you.  I 100% recommend you will love Souviens too.  Run out and buy it today!  It is too good!  A Must read book!

Meet the Author:  Barbara Saxena is a family practice physician in Grand Ledge, Michigan. She is a graduate of General Motors Institute, University of Michigan, and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. In her free time, she can be found walking her pack of golden retrievers.

You can purchase (and I recommend you do) Souviens on-line at Amazon for $13.99 ($4.99 Kindle version).

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  1. This sounds fabulous! (late to work TWICE, eh? I sometimes find myself up WAY too late with a book, but riding the bus in gives me a chance to read on the way there) :) This one is going on my to-buy list


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