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Trilogy: A Collection - Guest Post

Synopsis:  Trilogy: A Collection is comprised of three stories, all of which have an otherworldly, paranormal theme to them. Each of the main characters in these stories wrestles with extraordinary circumstances in an otherwise ostensibly ordinary world. All of the tales have their own moral and life lessons, which Prudence MacGregor aims for each reader to individually formulate, as life itself is not clear cut and is at the mercy of the subjective. Journey with the stories’ main characters as they navigate the unplumbed depths of the unknown. 

The first story, Parallelograms, centers on protagonist Justine, a determined yet troubled young woman who, quite by accident, discovers that she has a double and thus finds herself facing unexpected and ultimately terrifying consequences. Her previously tightly controlled world spins out of control, causing her to question her very existence. 

The second story in the trilogy, Random, concerns Ulyssa, a young woman who is intrigued by the possibility of releasing a balloon with a note and seeing where it lands. This seemingly innocent activity will take her down a dark path, the circumstances of which may or may not be resolved. This will conflict with the outwardly picture perfect world that she thought she inhabited. 

The final title, Up There, focuses on Gregory, an unassuming office worker who is fascinated by the airplanes he sees in the sky. Quite by accident he meets Sherry, a beautiful motivational speaker who just may have a connection to one of the planes he has seen. An activity he previously saw as harmless and a bit innocuous -watching planes fly overhead and guessing their destinations - turns questionable and ultimately forces him to take a look at his world: is it real or has it always been an illusion?

Guest Post with the Author, Prudence MacGregor:  I am so excited to be able to share with you all this guest post on how Prudence created Trilogy: A Collection.

I knew that I wanted to write a collection of short stories when I started Trilogy, and I knew that I wanted to write them in the paranormal genre. The world of the paranormal and the unknown has always fascinated, intrigued and just plain interested me, even thought admittedly if I ever confronted it I would be more than a bit taken aback and speechless. I have always loved The Twilight Zone television series, and how it approached regular scenarios with a paranormal twist, most often with a moral to each episode. I don't know that the stories in Trilogy have a moral; however, I think it would be safe to say that it could be something along the lines of "be careful what you wish for."

Each story encompasses a situation that I have always wanted to explore, if not in real life then definitely in writing. The main question that each story examines is what if. Parallelograms deals with what would happen if we each had a double, and the ramifications of confronting a parallel universe with those that we encounter on a daily basis. I have often heard that each of us has a double somewhere, so I posit this theory and wrote the story assuming this is true and what the ramifications could be. Random deals with the release of a balloon message and in whose hands it ends up. I have read and heard stories of balloons traveling thousands of miles, so what if it traveled not very far but ended up in another dimension, if you will? Up There, the final story, examines a young man's obsession with planes in the sky and their destinations. The fact that I love to travel and fly spurred me to write this story, because what if a person who will touch your life in a profound way is traveling in a plane that you see up above? I leave it to the readers to come up with their own thoughts and conclusions to each of these stories. That way, the possibilities are numerous and really make readers think about the stories.

I wanted to keep the stories in Trilogy short, as I hope that their brevity packs a powerful punch.

I was born on the isle of Manhattan and began writing stories at an early age.  There are things besides writing that I love to do. Mainly, travel, read, and indulge in decadent delights such as Australian red licorice and trying different perfumes.

Purchase it:  You can purchase Trilogy: A Collection, online at Amazon for $11.95 (8.99 Kindle version).

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