Thursday, April 11, 2013

When Can You Start?

Synopsis: In a tough job market, only a select few succeed at the interview process. What sets them apart? As President of Shimmering Resumes, Paul Freiberger helps job seekers rise above the competition and get hired. Now he s giving you the tools to ace the interview and win the job. You will learn how to: 

  • Be ready for The Only Question You Must Be Able to Answer 
  • Not tell the interviewer about your weaknesses 
  • Answer any trick question or oddball question 
  • Ask the right questions 
  • Be confident in any interview situation 
  • Avoid interview mistakes 
  • Negotiate the salary you deserve 

Use the practical, effective, and proven techniques in this book to convert We ll be in touch to those four words everyone wants to hear: When can you start?

My Review:  What a wonderful book.  If you are currently interviewing or will be soon, When Can You Start? is just the book you want to pick in order to Ace the Interview and Win the Job!  Less than two years ago, I was in the job seeking market and I 100% believe in the advice in When Can You Start?  It would have been nice to have this book to confirm what I was doing was correct.

Over the past year and half I have interview many candidates for different positions on my team and let me tell you there are too many people out there that have no idea How to Ace the Interview and Win the Job.  When Can You Start? begins with the importance of research.  This is so true.  One person I was interviewing kept discussing all the ways he could save us money on our taxes....we are a tax-exempt health care system and we don't pay taxes!

More and more companies are conducting first round phone interviews.  There is a chapter designated to phone interviews.  Believe it or not, I have two DOs related to phone interviews: be at your phone at the designated time and don't have children or other distracting noise in the background.  When Can You Start? can help you ace that phone interview.

Through out the entire book, I could have added "my own observations" and "yes, this really happened during an interview" stories.  The employer/interviewer "tactics" described in the When Can You Start? my company uses.  I agree with the advice on how to be prepared for such things as you go through the interview process.  

Bottom line - if you are in job market, When Can You Start? is a must have book.  Also, think of all those college and high school students graduating this spring....what an excellent gift.  

Meet the Author:  Paul Freiberger, author of When Can You Start? is President of Shimmering Resumes, a resume-writing, interview preparation, and career counseling service. He has helped thousands of clients with job interview preparation, resumes and job search. Paul is the author of several books and the winner of The Los Angeles Times Book Award. Paul Freiberger is co-author of the best-selling Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer (McGraw-Hill, 1984, rev. 2000), translated into many languages and later made into the Hollywood movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. He has produced reports for National Public Radio programs, including All Things Considered and Morning Edition. He is a former columnist for the San Jose Mercury News and a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner, where he covered Silicon Valley business for seven years. Freiberger has written best-selling books that have changed people's lives. He has directed communications for McKinsey & Company, the most respected global management consulting firm. His work has been widely praised for its effectiveness and compassion in many publications and reviews.

Purchase:  You can purchase When Can You Start? on line at Amazon for $12.95 (Kindle version $6.99).  

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  1. Sounds really useful. I'm job-hunting at the moment and could use some up-to-date advice.


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