Monday, June 24, 2013

A Beautiful Heist TLC Book Tours + Giveaway!

Synopsis (from Amazon): Everyone has a talent. Some are just more legal than others. Cat Montgomery steals jewels for AB&T, the premier agency for thieves in Seattle. Career perks: good pay, great disguises, constant adrenaline rush. Drawbacks: the possibility of jail time…or worse. Now she’s taken on a lucrative side job—recovering a priceless Faberge egg for an alleged Romanov descendent.

Though Cat is working solo, there are plenty of interested players. Her FBI ex-boyfriend is nosing around, as is her former mentor-turned-nemesis. Then there’s the sexy art thief helping—or is he hindering?—her mission. If her luck holds out, this could be the case that allows Cat to retire with her conscience and her life intact. If not, it’ll be her last job for all the wrong reasons…

My Review:  I really enjoyed A Beautiful Heist and here is a summary of why I did!

Favorite Character(s):  My favorite character was Cat (of course).  She was just too cool, but in a realistic way.  She didn't have oodles of money, or things just handed to her.  She was believable and funny in her own way.  Her mom was a hoot too!

Setting:  I found it a little weird that the story takes place in Seattle.  It just didn't seem right to me.  NYC, London, Paris.....I could have easily gotten that setting.  I just never thought of Seattle as being a city/area where a business could employee so many people by performing high end heists.  I obviously am wrong. Note: I have never been to Seattle, but would LOVE too visit some day!

Fast read/slow read:  This book was such a fast read.  I love fast reads!  I couldn't get enough and just had to keep reading - my favorite kind of book!

Cover:  It's perfect.

One Sentence Summary: A Beautiful Heist is a great read.  I like to think of it as an adult Ally Carter (Heist Society series) type of book.  I loved that series!  I really want a sequel taking place in Europe.  

Would I Read Other Books by the Author: Oh yes, and I want the sequel! I would read anything by Kim....she is my kind of author!

Meet the Author:  Kim Foster is a medical doctor who has been a lifelong lover of fiction. She's a mom who decided that midnight feedings of her newborn were a fine time to get serious about writing. And, she's a novelist who, in spite of sound advice to 'write what you know', simply couldn't resist crafting a story about a professional jewel thief.  (SBN - seriously she is superwoman)

Online, you can find her blogging about her left-brain, right-brain mash-up. A practicing physician and the health blogger for, Kim makes regular TV, radio, and speaking appearances. She is a member of the Victoria Writer's Society and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her husband and their two young boys. A BEAUTIFUL HEIST is her first novel.

Connect:  You can connect with Kim on her blog, Facebook and Twitter

Purchase:  You can purchase A Beautiful Heist online at Amazon for $5.99.

Giveaway:  I am so happy to have one e-book to giveaway to one luck participant.  Complete the form below.

TLC Book Tour:  Check out all the other reviews of A Beautiful Heist on the TLC Book Tour.  I am sure you will find some other great blogs to follow!

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  1. Hi Jilleen,

    Thanks so much for writing such a lovely review of my book--I'm flattered!

    And I've got good news for you...I just sent the first draft of book #2 to my editor. And there's a whole lot of Paris in there :)

  2. Oh, wow wonderful. I would be so honor to read and review it! You are the best....and can't believe all that you do....Amazing!

  3. I've always wanted to visit Seattle ... not sure why, but it is high on my list!

    Thanks for being on the tour.


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