Thursday, January 1, 2015

Who Moved My Blackberry?

Synopsis (from Amazon): The television show The Office meets Bridget Jones in a novel set in an office so dysfunctional, it's bound to strike a chord with any nine-to-fiver.

A compulsively readable, hilarious novel told through the e-mail messages of Martin Lukes. Martin Lukes is a man who is good at taking credit where it isn't due; a man who works hard at "personal growth" but consistently lets down everyone around him; a man who communicates with his sons by e-mail and fails to notice how smart his wife, Jenny, really is; a man--in short--who loves jargon but totally lacks understanding.

One (or more) Sentence Summary: I am a huge fan of The Office and Bridget Jones (even though I think it is more comparable to Holly Denham (Holly's Inbox). I purchased Who Move My Blackberry? while in London in 2010.  I had limited time to hit the bookstore and limited room in the suitcase/carry on to buy books, but I narrowed it down and am so glad this book ended up crossing the Atlantic with me home.  What I can't believe is how long it took me to read the book.  It got buried in the "to be read" pile.  

Who Moved My Blackberry? is told through "email" format.  I actually really enjoy stories told through emails/diaries.  The book has a ton of office humor that I can relate too.  I was laughing out loud while reading this book and could not wait to get back to it.  Absolutely hilarious and so entertaining.

Fast read/slow read:  Extremely fast read! Also couldn't put it down!

What Others Are Saying:  "This funny and perceptive novel cannot be recommended too highly." -- London Sunday Times

"This novel is a pitch-perfect satire of corporate life in the 21st century." -- Guardian, London

Would I Read Other Books by the Author: Yes - in fact, just finished In Office Hours (loved it!)

Lucy Kellaway is the management columnist at the Financial Times. Her column is syndicated in The Irish Times.


  1. I typed a comment but then it got lost. Just want to say I might have to try this book out as I miss you terribly and I do so love the "email" format!

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