Thursday, August 13, 2020

One Hundred Daffodils: Finding Beauty, Grace, and Meaning When Things Fall Apart

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Synopsis (from Amazon):  "When women share the truth about life and loss . . . hope is restored" in this enlightening and comforting memoir about purpose, personal growth, and nature's ability to heal (Sarah Ban Breathnach).

"There is so much life in the garden. That is why I come. Life that is gentle, self-supporting, and beautiful. Continuous in its cycles, grounded, pure."

When her husband asked for a divorce after twenty-five years of marriage, Rebecca Winn felt untethered physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The security she'd had in her marriage was suddenly replaced by an overwhelming sense of fear, hopelessness, and dread. She felt invisible and alone and was horrified to consider that her deepest longing -- to know and be known by another person -- might never be realized. But from this fear emerged a powerful desire to answer one of life's most profound questions: How can we ever know another person if we do not truly know ourselves?

Facilitated in measures by a love affair with a younger man, dedicated study of Jungian psychology, and a deep dive into global spiritual practices, Winn transformed heartbreak into wholeness through communion with the divine in nature. By turning to her garden for guidance, sanctuary, and inspiration, and dialing closely into the flora and fauna around her, she ultimately discovered what is possible when we are willing look at our unvarnished selves with an open mind -- and see others with an open heart.

HARDCOVER BOOK - 153873270X / 9781538732700
ELECTRONIC BOOK - 1538732718 / 9781538732717

One (or more) Sentence Summary:  A beautifully written journey of one women's rock bottom to healing. With everything going on in today's world, we can all take pieces of Rebecca Winn's spiritual practices found in her garden and apply it to our lives. I read One Hundred Daffodils: Finding Beauty, Grace, and Meaning When Things Fall Apart at one of my happy places, Lake Michigan.

Rebecca Winn is a multiple award-winning landscape designer and creator of the inspirational Facebook blog, Whimsical Gardens. Her eye for nature's beauty and her unique blend of wisdom, insight, and humor inspire and entertain hundreds of thousands of readers around the globe each day. Born in Dallas, Texas, Rebecca's family moved to Europe when she was in first grade, providing her the opportunity to grow up surrounded by the majestic, centuries old gardens of Italy, Scotland, and England, which strongly influenced both her garden designs and her writing. Her articles have appeared in regional and national magazines. One Hundred Daffodilsis her first book.

FACEBOOK: @WhimsicalGardens
TWITTER: RebeccaOWinn
INSTAGRAM: @whimsical.gardens

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