Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A Little Ray of Sunshine

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Book Summary:  35-year-old bookstore owner Harlow Smith lives an intentionally quiet life.  Which means her world is flipped upside down when a teenager walks into the bookstore and announces that he is the biological son she gave birth to and placed for adoption while in college. That heartbreaking decision was a secret to all in her life but her best friend and college roommate.


Matthew Walker asked that his family spend the summer before he leaves for college on Cape Cod for one reason: to meet Harlow Smith. He didn’t share his plan with his adoptive parents, Monica and Sanjay Patel, so they are nearly as shocked as Harlow.


Both Harlow and Monica struggle with their rapidly changing roles in Matthew’s life. Monica raised him, but feels abandoned by Matthew’s quickly developing relationship with Harlow. What scares her the most is that on some level, she knows Matthew has been searching for Harlow his whole life. What if there isn’t room enough in his heart for both of them?


Harlow is overjoyed at the opportunity to finally be involved in her son’s life, but she’s possessed by what ifsWhat if she kept her baby? What if she told her family? What if she never met Monica and Sanjay? Placing Matthew for adoption gave him a life she never could have provided, but she’s plagued by guilt and regret. How can they make up for lost time?

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