Thursday, June 29, 2023

It All Started With You

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Book Summary:  I always thought I was going to be a girl who did something. I was going to run my own business and find fame and fortune! Fall in love…

But here I am. Still waiting for it all to happen, sitting on the floor, surrounded by lilies and roses, trying to do my best friend’s wedding flowers because – in her words – ‘how hard can it be, Frankie?’. The answer is actually ‘very hard’ but it’s not the only thing that’s tough right now. My boyfriend won’t commit, I barely have a job, and once again I have the hangover from hell…

What I don’t know is that life’s about to throw me a curveball a new friend I will make with a beautiful, sad-eyed little boy who is so very tragically ill. I still don’t know about that heartbreak.

Even so, in this moment, I know that it’s time for some changes. Maybe it’s time to make my dreams come true? To try to become a marathon-running, healthy-living, wildly-in-love florist-to-the-stars!

Because I’m beginning to realise that you only get one chance at life. I don’t yet how you change everything, all at once, but what I do know is it all starts with me…

Thoughts: I wasn't sure the direction It All Started With You was going to take based on the first few chapters. Once you get passed the out-of-control Frankie and get into the story, it is hard to put it down.  Her best friend, a powerhouse lawyer, loans her starter funds to purchase a flower shop.  As she learns how to run a business she develops amazing friends, grows into a fabulous person, and falls in love.  I loved the characters and together they made the story. 

My great-grandfather started a flower shop/greenhouse and it was passed down to my grandfather and later to my mother. I loved the magical part of the flowers in the story and how certain flowers impact the outcome of an event. 

Great read and I look forward to more books by Debbie Howells.

Debbie Howells’s first novel, a psychological thriller, The Bones of You, was a Sunday Times bestseller for Macmillan. Four more bestsellers followed, including most recently The Vow, published by Avon. Fulfilling her dream of writing women’s fiction, she has found a home with Boldwood and her first title with them, The Life You Left Behind was published in February 2022.

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