Tuesday, July 11, 2023

I Wish We Weren't Related

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Book Summary:  After a shocking phone call from her mother, Reeva Mehta’s life starts to sound like the plot of a Bollywood drama: the father who she thought had died thirty years ago has been alive this whole time. Only now he actually is dead. And her mother has been lying to her about his whereabouts for most of her adult life. Worse? Her father’s dying wish was for Reeva and her sisters, Sita and Jaya, to attend his funeral prayers. Which means spending a fortnight together… at his house…surrounded by relatives they never knew existed…and each other. 


Reeva is less than thrilled to be passing two whole weeks with her sisters – especially after picture-perfect social media influencer Jaya stole the love of Reeva’s life and is currently dating him. And Sita, the successful, married mom of Reeva’s adorable twin nieces, took Jaya’s side. Reeva has enough going on right now. Her job as a divorce lawyer isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and she can’t decide if her new relationship is something that she wants to last. Oh, and stress-induced alopecia is causing her hair to fall out.


It’s the family reunion that Reeva never wanted… but as her relationships with her sisters have grown increasingly strained, her stressful job has resulted in her own health issues, and she’s struggling in the aftermath of a grueling breakup, maybe it’s exactly what she needs to set her life on a better path.

Sanghani is a British Indian journalist whose fiction is funny, smart, relatable, and could not be more entertaining. In addition to being an author, Sanghani is also a body positive campaigner, and founded the #SideProfileSelfie movement to celebrate big noses

I WISH WE WEREN’T RELATED can be described as Bridget Jones’s Diary meets Netflix’s Never Have I Ever (if Devi were a few years older!). I WISH WE WEREN’T RELATED is her fourth novel.

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