Wednesday, July 5, 2023

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (Best books of 2023)

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The funniest, happiest, saddest, happiest romantic comedy you will ever read. With a small twist!

What’s the 'small' twist? You’ll have to read it to find out. But let’s just say, you’ve never read anything like this before.

WARNING: Be prepared for many happy tears. And a lot of laughter.
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For fans of:
Jojo Moyes, Cecelia Ahern, Sophie Kinsella and Nick Spalding


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Thoughts: Absolutely LOVED this book.  It is the BEST book I have read in 2023! The Greatest Love Story Ever Told is labeled as a romantic comedy....with a twist.  I am not sure I would have labeled it a romantic comedy.  Yes, it is about love and yes, there are so many funny parts....but the comedy isn't part of the romance. 

I am not really sure where to begin. Callum is just so lovable and innocent. However, he learns the really hard lesson of life with his best friend, Angel Rain. He also changes the life of Michael Lamb, who is a very awkward but brilliant mathematician. 

The characters, Callum's family, teachers, nurses, and Angel's family are all wonderful and make the story that much better.  You can't help but fall in love with them all as they go through their journey together.  They will make you laugh and cry and sometimes both at the same time. 

I couldn't put the book down and I for sure didn't want it to end. I have told so many people about this wonderful and amazing book. I feel I can't do it justice when trying to explain why it is so wonderful. If you read, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, you will understand what I mean. 

I hope Suzy writes more about Callum as I can't let him go from my heart. I want to read the Bad Mother's Diary Series and all of Suzy Quinn's other books. Netflix pick this author up and make a series, please!

Buy The Greatest Love Story Ever Told today. You will not be sorry. Oh, you might to make sure you have some Kleenex on hand.

Suzy K Quinn writes edgy romantic comedy and has sold over 1 million books worldwide. She is a bestseller in the UK, US and Germany and has plans for total world domination with literary love bombs in the near future. So watch this space. Then go read one of her books.

Suzy lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, with her husband Demi and two daughters. She is a twin, an incompetent parent of two and now fully decaffeinated. Her twin sister, Cate Quinn, is also a bestseller author.

Suzy loves her readers and is ALWAYS happy to chat on social media. You can find her @suzykquinn on most social media channels. Throw her an emoji ball, she is friendly. xx

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