Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pink Lemonade Review

Synopsis:  Dare to dream big with a full glass of lemonade.Pink Lemonade teaches girls to turn “life’s lemons” into lemonade through developing inner strength and confidence. This special life lemonade is unique to each individual, built on the idea that contributing positively to oneself and to others is the recipe for a joyous and successful life.

Even the very worst situations in life can be made into something that will one day help girls to build self-confidence. Pink Lemonade is filled with words of encouragement and inspirational advice, shared by successful women across the country. Readers will learn how to believe with intention, set out to accomplish great things and be the amazing girls that they already are.

Pink Lemonade shows girls how to keep their personal glass of lemonade both vibrant and full, and to forge a path in life that can lead to nothing but success. Not all days in life will be easy, but Pink Lemonade teaches readers how to make each one worth it."

My Review: Pink Lemonade is a beautiful keepsake for girls. The book is fast to read and one to keep on your bookshelf. Pink Lemonade is the type of inspirational book that you can read over and over again through life.  It is bursting with great advice,encouragement and uplifting words.

Here are a few of my favorites: 

  • "Be yourself and listen to your heart; she is an amazing voice who guides you to new heights."
  • "Smile.  A simple smile can change someone's day."
  • "Stand Proud. If you stand tall with confidence, you'll never fall."
I can't wait to share Pink Lemonade with my girls.  Even though this book is for girls, there are messages that you can even share with boys.  Pink Lemonade would make a great gift for any occasion and perfect for any age.  

Meet the Author: Carey Grund is a mother of three young girls.  Her daughters were her source of inspiration for writing Pink Lemonade.  Carey teaches her girls to dream big, believe in their inner strength and turn life's lemons into something they can grow from.  Carey was a succesful corporate Mama for over a decade.  She followed her dreams and became Chief Mama and CEO when she founded SmilegramPaper.  Carey teaches that anything is possible with a dream, confidence, and of course, a full glass of lemonade.

You can connect with author of Pink Lemonade, Carey Grund and  founder of Smilegrampaper on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest,

Purchase It: You can purchase Pink Lemonade (and other Smilegram Paper products) online at Smilegrampaper for 8.97 (soft cover) or 4.97 (e-book). 

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