Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Hollow Man - TLC Book Tours

Synopsis:  Waking up on Hampstead Heath not far from a crashed squad car, Detective Nick Belsey wants out—out of London and out of the endless complications of his life. When Alexei Devereux, a wealthy hermit, vanishes, leaving behind a suicide note and his Porsche, Belsey discovers an opportunity—a new identity and a fortune—waiting for the taking.

Unfortunately, there are others who share the detective's interest in Devereux, including Scotland Yard. A dead rich man with suspicious financial holdings is bound to have some dangerous ties and a few ruthless enemies. Now, Belsey and his clever plan are about to be overshadowed by far more ambitious players with their own brilliant—and deadly—scheme.

Combining dark humor, dazzling twists, and a sharp narrative style, The Hollow Man is a tour de force of suspense—and the debut of an extraordinary new writer.

My Review:  The plot of the Hollow Man is like the streets of London - lots of twists and turns.  The Hollow Man is a complex novel that has many layers and evolves as the story goes.  One of the fascinating things is that as I tried to figure out each new intrigue, there was another waiting for me.  

Harris has set-up this drama with a real feel that gives the reader a sense of being there with the main character, Detective Beasley.  The Hollow Man is very well written and is a quick read for those that like to immerse themselves into a good book.

Meet the Author:  Oliver Harris holds an MA in Shakespeare studies from University College London and an MA in creative writing from the University of East Anglia. He has worked in clothing warehouses, at PR companies, and as a TV and film extra, and more recently assisted with research in the Imperial War Museum archives. He writes reviews for the Times Literary Supplement.

You can connect with Olive on-line at his website and on Twitter.

Purchase It:  You can purchase The Hollow Man on-line at Amazon for $14.99 ($10.19 prime members and $8.89 kindle version).
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  1. I love this: "is like the streets of London - lots of twists and turns."

    Glad you enjoyed this mystery! Thanks for being on the tour.


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