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Interview with Author of Vacation!

You might remember my review of Vacation, but if not, click here.  I really enjoyed the book.  Below is an interview with the author!

Synopsis (from Amazon): Dr. William Koval, a pragmatist with little faith in humanity, prefers to dwell in the eerily comforting microscopic realm, where he is master of his domain. But his worldview is upended when he decides to go on the English walking tour his wife had been planning before her murder three years earlier. Only when William confronts his past, including his troubled marriage, will he find a way to rejoin the living, to move forward, and perhaps love again. The real journey, he discovers, lies within.

Purchase: You can purchase Vacation online at Amazon

Interview with JC:

I take you have been to England - did you do the walking tour similar to Vacation?  I love London and would think I would really enjoy the walking tour.
My husband, Greg and I have been fortunate to enjoy two walking tours of rural England, the Cotswold Villages and the Shakespeare Way. For Vacation, I drew upon the visually striking landscape, getting lost in many sheep paddocks, and the mental and physical challenges we encountered. Brits have a unique style when giving directions, lending a comic element to the novel. I chose to drop poor, introverted William in the middle of a group tour, complete with quirky characters, because I wanted to create tension for him.
Our walks were unlike William’s, since we were entirely on our own. Following written directions, we picked our way to our next night’s lodging—a working farm, a B&B, a pub or hotel. Glorious.          
I highly recommend the experience. There is nothing like entering a village on foot; you don’t miss the fine details. With many footpaths, The UK is a welcoming haven for walkers. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Do you live in the pacific northwest?  I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Seattle.  Where would recommend for a vacation spot in PNW?
I live in Sonoma County, know as “wine country.” We are about one hour north of San Francisco. Think oak woodlands, vineyards, rolling hills.
The Northwest region has much to offer visitors, it is difficult to know where to start. Between the redwoods, the rugged coastline, and vibrant cities, you can’t miss. Portland is a great city. It’s the perfect town for walking. I also adore Seattle and the surrounding island communities, like Annie’s Vashon Island.
You should come!
I am so jealous of authors - did you find it difficult to find time to write and to get published?
Writing is the fun part.  I am the kind of person who solitude and fairly large chunks of time to make progress, and it can be difficult to make that happen. About five years ago, I quit working full time, and writing became a priority in my life.
It would take a few dozen pages to adequately cover the many pitfalls for authors, so I will spare you. I was listening to a radio interview with an established author. He was asked to share advice with young writers starting out. He said you need about 25 years to work, a high threshold for rejection, and the ability to spend many hours alone.
This sums it up nicely.
Did the twists in vacation just come to you as you wrote or did you have it all plotted out?
Both.  In the beginning, I try to write freely, keeping my inner critic at bay.  After the first draft, I outline, look for holes, weave the threads, and pull loose ends of the story together. I enjoy both processes.
Are you currently writing a new novel and can you share anything about it?
One theme in my writing is human transformation.
I have two other completed novels “in the drawer,” looking for homes. 
The To-Do List, I started many years ago. This book holds a special place in my heart. Every woman who knows the exact number of calories in a Snickers bar will recognize Ginny, my protagonist.
My most recent work, Believing in Bigfoot, tackles our cynicism and limiting beliefs that stand in the way of true happiness.
I am also the author of On the Brink of Nora, published in 2009.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I do love to travel, but I also love spending time at home with friends, family and beloved pets.

What is your favorite writing spot?
I have tried many spots, including a very private studio. I hate to admit this, but I prefer to write in bed, preferably in jammies.

Do you have writing routine?
I am most productive from about 5:30 am until around 11:00 am.

Can you read other books while writing your own?
I am constantly reading.

What are currently (or last read) reading now?
Lately I have been favoring non-fiction. I am working my way through Bill Bryson.

What is your favorite genre?
I adore page-turning fiction, books that make me laugh and weep. The real gems are the ones I never want to end.

What is your favorite(s) song/movie/play/TV show?
I am a fan of serialized television, with strong character development, Madmen. But I also like Project Runway.

If you could go anywhere for vacation/holiday, where would you go?

Which would you pick:
Ocean/beach or pool - Ocean/beach
Coffee or tea - Coffee
Fruit or candy - Depends on my mood, time of day and how good the candy is
A book or e-book - E-book
Computer or tablet/smart phone - Computer
Camping or Hoteling - Hoteling
Driving or Flying - Driving

You can connect with JC online, Facebook, GoodReads and Amazon Author Page.

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