Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Favorite Reads

Happy New Year to You All.

I have been traveling since December 26th, so I wasn't able to post my favorite reads of 2013.  I have been in Canada for the Wayne Gretzky hockey tournament.  My son's team lost in the second rounds of the playoffs - to make it to the playoffs is huge for a USA team in Canada!  We had a blast and was very proud of him and the whole team.

After the tournament the kids and I headed to Michigan to see my family.  It was great seeing my siblings and nieces and nephews.  My son and I were lucky enough to go the Winter Classic (go Wings!).

Even though it was 13 degrees without the wind chill, snowed the entire game, took over 2 hours to get out of Ann Arbor, and the Red Wings lost in a shoot out we had a BLAST!

We got see our favorite team, sit in the BIG HOUSE!, experience a Red Wings game at home (Go Detroit!! - we have only seen the Red Wings at away games), be part of the winter classic fun, got souvenir cups and a free winter classic seat cushions!

We said we would do it all over again (after I thaw)!

Take off of Google Imagines

We drove home yesterday in the snow.  During our last hour, the Governor of NY declared our area in a state of emergency and we were suppose to be getting another 6 inches on top of the 14 we got in the past two days.  The temperature with wind chill was -20 (you read it right, negative 20).  I took 11 hours, which is double the normal driving time.  We saw over 50 cars/trucks off the road, a 15 car pile up on the other side of the road, a 4 car pile up right in front of us, which we were thankful to miss it (barely).  It was nuts.  The road were actually the best in NY.  I am just very thankful we made it home safely.

Some of my favorite reads in 2013!

Reread in 2013 from 2012:   Souviens  

ROC Bookclub: Kitchen House

Newberry Honor:  Inside Out and Back Again

Sports: Chin Music

Patrick's Favorite: The Chronicles of Egg 


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