Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holly's Inbox

Meet Holly Denham. It's her first day as a receptionist at a London investment bank and inexperienced Holly is struggling. Take a peek at her email and you'll see why: Holly's inbox is a daily source of drama.

Publishers Weekly
Holly Denham, the lead of this epistolary novel (and yes, the name of the author), is an overwhelmed receptionist at a major British bank. The reader's access to Holly's frantic life is via her e-mail inbox-the entirety of the novel, in fact, is e-mail messages sent by, among others, her gay best friend (a chick lit necessity), her brassy co-workers (another requirement), her meddling mother (check, again) and, of course, her would-be paramour (ditto). The plot runs along very traditional lines, and in the end overreaches for a happy ending, but this overlong novel's saving graces are its fast pacing and very funny writing. Some of the best exchanges are between Holly and her grandmother, who sends e-mails that just read "TESTING" and signs her up for annoyingly spammy Web services. Despite the limitations inherent in an e-epistolary novel, the book is populated by vibrant, endearing characters, and Denham manages to juggle a dozen story lines at once. The ending's contrived, but feel-good, which, in these gloomy times, might be enough to do the trick.

The entire story is told through the email of the main characters. I found it very easy to read and was often running late, because I just wanted (needed) to read one more email to find out what happened. It’s an addictive format. This is a standard chic-lit book. It is a cute updated Bridget Jones type of book. I think it could have easily been written by Meg Cabot or Sophia Kinsella, whom I adore. I LOVE their chic-lit. The book is funny and somewhat predictable. You will laugh and want it to continue. I was disappointed when it came to an end and I could no longer see what Holly was up to. The grandma in the book is hilarious.


  1. I enjoyed this book too! I was concerned with the length of the book but when you see that it's email/text it was rather enjoyable.

    Did you know that Holly is not a real person? I was trying to learn about the author when I read it... there is not author information, it's anonymous.

  2. I, in fact, have Mari's copy of this book on Mt. TBR! Just sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I found out - don't remember where I read it, but the author is guy, who works in a job just like Holly's and he is writing the second book now. I will have to figure out where I saw that. I even went out to the website after I read it, thinking i could read more about Holly's life. Silly me.

  4. Hi
    Glad you liked it! I tried contacting you, but I couldn't see where...
    Love to visit your blog again - xxx


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