Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome / About me

Welcome to Seaside Book Nook

My perfect reading place would be on a big wrap-around porch over-looking the ocean. The waves would be crashing into the shore, seagulls talking, and the sun shining. Since I live in western NY, this blog has become my "perfect reading place."

A Little About Me

I love to read, among many other things, but never seems to have the time - work just seems to get in the way. My three kids and husband make my life complete, even when things are stressful or crazy. I also love to scrapbook, make cards and knit. Just like reading, there just aren't enough hours in the day. My dream is to one day own a store that is divided into thirds: a quaint bookstore, scrapbook retreat and a knitting nook. Of course this is after I win the lotto!


  1. I love your "perfect" store! The only addition I would make is a coffee and sweets bar!

    Your blog is beautiful...love the water color and the name, "Seaside Book Nook"! It conjures up beautiful images of a big wrap-around porch over-looking the sea and big coy wicker chairs with a table beside piled high with wonderful books!
    ~ Amy

  2. What a perfect place! I am so glad I found your blog!

  3. Jill, You are reading my mind and i would only add screens to the wraparound porch. Stacks of books, cafe francais, and no interruptions. This may be enough to make the world stop spinning, to breathe deeply, and find that far away place between the book covers. Zootie

  4. Jill, Thanks for your nice comments on "Her Sister's Shadow;" glad you liked it! I, too, love the cover, and asked my editor to pass your compliments along to the art department. My favorite place to read is the porch of our timeshare on Sanibel Island. Only trouble is, I keep gazing out at the water instead of reading. Best wishes, Katharine Britton


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