Thursday, February 11, 2010



Must think happy thoughts. Julie Andrews dancing. Cadbury's chocolate Easter eggs. But no amount of positive thinking changes the fact that Jeremy—the man of my dreams, the man I would marry, the man who should spend his whole life worshipping me and lavishing me with kisses—went to Thailand to find himself.
Obviously I'm not as cute and witty as I thought I was, since while I've been sitting around every weekend, he's been sleeping with half of Thailand. And then he found Someone Else. That someone not being me.
I have been pathetic.
But now I will date. I will become the queen of dating. I will forget all about him.
Single in Boston, that's me. But not for long…!

Description: milkrun\'milk run\ (plural) milkruns noun
1. a routine and often slow journey esp. taken from the delivery of milk 2. The process of dating to no avail why am I on the milkrun and not the express?!

Loved it! This is a chick lit book, which is a genre I enjoy escaping too. I laughed out loud at some of situations the characters get themselves into. The relationship between all the friends…..ah to be twenty something again! This is an easy, laid back, funny read. I would also recommend Fish Bowl by Sarah as well. I am looking forward to reading Monkey Business and Me vs. Me.

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